FOCUSEDxMINDS add FALL OUT BOY Drummer to their line-up

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FOCUSEDxMINDS finally confirmed they have added Andy Hurely (RACETRAITOR, EARTH CRISIS, ENABLER, FALL OUT BOY) to their line-up. Furthermore, they will be releasing their new album in early 2013 with plans to support it live in Spring. They commented: “We’re excited to welcome our friends Andy (Earth Crisis, ex-Enabler) on drums and Matt Wes (ex-Noose) on bass. New LP in early 2013.”.

We reported about their line-up change at this location.

Here’s the full message revealing more news:

New Lineup and Focused Minds News

We forgot to address any of the news regarding the band on our Tumblr, and unfortunately a lot of you have seen the news through external sources that are making it all weird. So here it is.

We are very excited to welcome our friends Andy Hurley on drums (Racetraitor, Earth Crisis, Enabler, and yes, Fall Out Boy) and Matt Wes on bass (Noose, Lake Effect).
Chris left the band to focus on personal things a few months back after our summer tours. We’ve only had friends filling in on bass for a while now.
We know people have been weird or surprised or whatever over Andy joining the band, so to clear a few things up:
NO, he didn’t leave Fall Out Boy for us. They’ve been chill and inactive for a little while, and it is possible to be in two bands at once.
He’s been involved in hardcore since before some of us were even out of middle school.
Yes, Andy Hurley drums for us now. Reasons: hardcore, friendship, and the Straight Edge. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are a little over halfway done writing a full length LP that will be coming out on 6131 Records sometime in early 2013. Our new material is better, faster, and harder than anything we’ve done before, and we’re extremely excited for everyone to hear the new music.
Until then we will unfortunately be on a break from the road to focus solely on writing and getting back on track financially after all our money troubles this last Spring/Summer.
We’re hoping to have the record released and be touring again and hitting a few select fests by Spring 2013. There are cool things shaping up, be on the lookout.
Thanks to anyone that has stuck with us and continues to support this band. Hope to see you all soon.



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