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Folk punk rockers from STEADY HANDS streaming new song

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STEADY HANDS have announced their new EP Tropical Depression, coming digitally to Lame-O Records on July 28th. The band is streaming the title track of the EP now via The AV Club. Tropical Depression marks a continuation in the remarkable transformation of Steady Hands, the 7-piece folk punk rock band led by Sean Huber (also of Modern Baseball). Now with 4 EPs under their belt, Tropical Depression showcases the musical maturation that took Steady Hands from a solo folk project to a full fledged 7-piece rock and roll band.

What is now the 7-piece folk-punk powerhouse Steady Hands began as a folk troubadour side-project for Sean Huber, the drummer of Modern Baseball. Inspired by Billy Bragg, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Turner and other classic punk influenced singer-songwriters, Huber began thrashing his way through Philadelphia bars and basements in 2012. Driven by an energy inconceivable to most, Huber took advantage of every second of down time from his drumming duties in Modern Baseball, committing to life on the road and creating his own name across the US and UK.

By the time Huber began recording his 2nd EP The Libertines, it was clear he wanted to begin recruiting his friends to create a full time band for Steady Hands. From electro-pop group W.C. Lindsay came William Lindsay on lead guitar, George Legatos on bass and Richie Straub on drums. Also joining them were fellow Modern Baseball member Jacob Ewald on rhythm guitar and a long time hometown friend Andrew Kirnan on keys.

From The Libertines to Brandy Of The Damned, Huber and his band perfected the art of crafting songs that found the perfect blend of polished rock and soulful punk, the happy medium between pretty and gritty. They began to pick up fans from across the punk rock spectrum, winning over Modern Baseball fans with his guest vocal on the band’s hit “Your Graduation,” and folk-punk purists with his incredible honesty and heart.

The latest EP Tropical Depression reveals Steady Hands as a band who knows who they are. With a new found musical maturation and the heart-on-your-sleeve attitude that has always defined Steady Hands, the new EP is the band at their strongest. Tropical Depression is a must-hear EP for any fans of folk, punk, or rock and roll.

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