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Noisy punk rock act BLACKLISTERS streaming new song

Brilliantly chaotic Leeds based noise-punk quartet BLACKLISTERS are set to release their sophomore album Adult this September via Smalltown America Records (UK). A North American release for the album is set to follow on October 16th via Handshake, Inc. (LP/Digital) and Exploding In Sound Records (Cassette). In the three years that have passed since the band’s relentless debut, BLKLSTRS, the twisted brutality of BLACKLISTERS’ sound has expanded, exploring hypnotic grooves and eerie minimalism, but make no mistake, the band are still every bit as sludgy, explosive and furious as ever. Adult, produced by Matt Johnson (aka MJ of Hookworms) at Suburban Home Studios, is as abrasive as they come, an unrelenting album that’s every bit as ferocious and punishing as it is groove-oriented and sardonic natured.

Stereogum magazine shared the North American premiere of the record’s first single “Cash Cow,” noting, “Some songs swallow you whole and spit you back out in a matter of minutes, leaving you numb and restless and eager for more. “Cash Cow” is one of those songs.”

Blacklisters’ aggression is often schizophrenic, bouncing between an array of rapidly shifting riffs, gloriously harsh bass tones, a violently stampeding rhythmic onslaught, and the deranged shouts of the equally charismatic and depraved Billy Mason-Wood. There’s an ever present smirking charm to Blacklisters’ reckless abandonment, an understood intelligence within their psychosis, a bright shimmering light flickering somewhere deep beneath the noise, filth, and claustrophobic chaos. A blistering pulse beats throughoutAdult with an untamed fury. Blacklisters reside among noise rock’s finest bands, expanding on the legendary sounds of bands like The Jesus Lizard, Shellac, and Drive Like Jehu for our increasingly depraved times, a new generation of unbridled insanity.

Speaking about “Cash Cow,” Mason Wood offered some of his signature charm, staing, “We, Blacklisters have finally written a song so commercially viable, that money will literally fall out of the sky and into our eyes.”

The band’s exceptionally crafted carnage and their energetic live show have earned them support slots with Scratch Acid, Melt-Banana, Big Business, Pulled Apart By Horses, Kong, Future of the Left, and Pig Destroyer among many others. ads
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