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Folk rocker THE DEVIL’S TRADE premiere atmospheric video for new single “Your Own Hell”

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With a combination of classic blues and folk techniques honed over the last couple of years performing as an intriguing singer-songwriter, dark folk, and rock sensibilities that have flavored his musical journey, Budapest-based Dávid Makó has developed an atmopsheric, yet strong aesthetic that is recognizable and memorable in a sea of indie-folk artists. Today, we’re pleased to give you his absorbing new music video for “Your Own Hell”, the second single of “What Happened To The Little Blind Crow”, the sophomore full-length by Dávid’s solo project THE DEVIL`S TRADE!

“What Happened To The Little Blind Crow” comes out September 28th on CD/ Limited LP/ Digital via Golden Antenna Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Four years is a lot of time, especially without a new record. But just in case you’re wondering the past four years in the life of Dávid Makó, the Hungarian singer-songwriter known as The Devil’s Trade have been an intense journey. After Those Miles We Walked Alone, his debut full-length saw the light of day in November 2014, not even himself had an idea of the path he is about to take.

Four years is a lot time, especially if you spend it sitting by idly. Now that’s not something that is one of Makó’s fortes, as he spent this long period of time evolving into the artist that he is now. From his self- financed CDRs to a sold out first press of the vinyl version of Those Miles, from his first show as a solo artist at a small venue, playing in between a couple horrible tribute bands to the stages of Europe, touring with the likes of Crippled Black Phoenix and Nathan Gray Collective among many, Makó is summoned a different kind of beast. So does he on his sophomore album What Happened To The Little Blind Crow.

Makó, who spends his days changing people’s lives and improving their health as a strength trainer, bares his soul on stage and offers a piece of himself night by night and despite the “rough-around-the-edges” look, intimacy, despair and hope never sounded this heartfelt and sincere. Written in nearly every corner of Europe on tourbusses, in tour vans, in the rehearsal space back home, What Happened To The Little Blind Crow is the next step in a wonderful journey. From traditional and heartbreaking Transylvanian folk, through Makó’s roots as a doom /stoner singer to the spirits of the Appalachians, this full-length is the manifestation of an artist ever growing, ever evolving and adapting


“Your Own Hell” Lyrics:

I’m not birds flying free
Not clouds in the sky
Not the water or the flow
Not the river I am its side

I’ve been formed this way
Been flooded then left alone
I’m the things you’re too weak to hold
I’m the wreckage and the stones

And I don’t reflect the sun
It’s only the moon and stars shine bright on this side
Whenever you return
I’m gonna hold your hand
And guide you through your own hell

As these piles of bones
Breaking the light
Like zoetropes recall
all you tried to hide

Your childhood dreams
Your wasted time
Your bones will be washed
away with the tide

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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