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Bleak hardcore band EMBITTER explain new tracks, MORNING AGAIN cover

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Exactly 6 months after their debut EP presentation and track by track feature, we’re back with more in-depth commentary on the crushing metallized hardcore from Warsaw act EMBITTER, who have recently dropped a new promo single on Youth 2 Youth Records!

Fusing powerful old-school metallic hardcore and metalcore with razor-sharp metal riffage, “Orwellian” helps to further bridge the gap between metal and hardcore. The duo of new tracks feel sinister, nihilistic and both their amazing cover of MORNING AGAIN‘s “Dictation of Beauty” and the lyrics complete the grim picture of their craft. This promo tape serves a proper teaser of their upcoming debut full length and makes them an utterly compelling prospect on the scene.

EMBITTER is Adam, Irek, Jędrzej, Kuba & Patryk. The following promo tape was recorded in August 2018 at Mustache Ministry, mixed and mastered by Satanic Audio. Cover art by Maciek Wolański. Orginal artwork by Caspar David Friedrich.


Fuel The Fire:

If you watch news, you will see that it serves certain needs. It creates certain perspective which even if not true, repeated hundred times will be become some kind of “truth”.
I feel so disgusted when the media attempts to make me feel / perceive things their way. I just find myself so angry when I realize that someone tried to manipulate me and make me believe in things which are not true. There is always someone who does it on purpose and for a reason. It’s easy to build walls, it’s harder to stick together and prove we care.


Fuel the fire.
Hate is gasoline.
Your words full of hatred.
You’re the avalanche.
And I need an antidote.
A life shaped by the hand full of greed.

Mind control.
A life shaped by the hand full of greed.
You won’t bite the hand that feeds.
Yet again, you turn a blind eye.
And pretend you do not feel it’s been weighing you down.
Under the lock and key
You pray for plagues.
Living in denial
Just comforts your fears.
You pray for plagues.
Living in denial
It won’t ease your fears.
Feel the weight of world and right the wrongs.
Too often might is right.
Just because they fear to take a stand.


George Orwell is one of my favourite writers. He’s well known for his antitotalitarian views. He provides his own perspective on humanity. He wrote “1984” in 1949 and unfortunately, he was so right about humanity. The power becomes an end not a means to make the world a better place. We are greedy and merciless. We are ready to shape reality in such a way that will bring us profits. We need power to rule and destroy. There is no desire to build or create. We need it for the sake of being on the top. Quoting one of best records in hardcore: “Humanity is the devil”.


„War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength” *
We are all Orwellian.
We are.
If you can control the past.
You can control the future.
If you can control the present.
You can control the past.
The darkness can’t be gone.
Power is not a means.
Power is an end.
Lesser evil you corrupt your soul with.
You serve interests of no creature
Except yourself.
We are Orwellian.

Dictation of Beauty (Morning Again cover):

The original explanation from the insert of As Tradition Dies Slowly (1998):

Images of perfection have been planted deep inside each one of us. Surrounded by advertising propaganda we are told how we should look, what will attract others to us, and who we should attracted to. We are often encouraged to undergo surgical procedure to obtain this ideal look. We must realize that we can have your own ideas as to how we want to look. True happiness can only be found within ourselves.

To tell you the truth I like this lyric a lot. If you browse through magazines, watch TV you will quickly understand how you should look like. If you need to slim down, you will find a ton of products that can help you out. Both, for women and men, young and old. This is how industry works. They want to convince us that we need these products. Some people are resistant enough and do not give a fuck about it. The thing is that especially a lot of young people who cannot fit into these frames feel not accepted. This brings anxiety, depression and even suicides. So, if you read this please realize one simple thing – new pair of Vans, tattoos or nice haircut will not make a better person. Don’t let them trick you and do not buy into their game. The person you are – this counts.

Most of us are really big Morning Again fans, that’s why it was an easy choice for a cover to be honest. Like with all reunions or new stuff after so many years, there is always a fear that the new music won’t be as good as the previous, especially when you consider the last releases a masterpiece. To sum up, I am really excited about this new EP as they are hyping it up to be their best release so far, and hope they will come back to Europe pretty soon.

We really liked how this MA cover turned out, but sadly we didn’t get any response from them about what they think of it. Maybe it isn’t that good?


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