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“Surrender” – new LIFELESS track premiered!

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American Aftermath magazine has released a new track and an exclusive interview with NJ hardcore band LIFELESS! The track is called “Surrender” and can be heard below.

Go here to check out “Never”, a previously released track taken off the same record.

Here’s a message from the band:

5 years ago, we were just getting started. Here’s a video from some hole in the wall bar in South Philly where probably 10 people total came out. I was a XXL, Kyle was probably a (s)medium, Michael would end up playing the same cymbals for the next 4 years until they resembled ninja shurikens, Ryan was smoking cigarettes while he was playing, and Jay wasn’t even in the band yet. In those 5 years, Jay was brought on board (a blessing? a curse?); Kyle found the weight in muscle that I had lost after becoming an uneducated and emaciated Vegan; Michael had a baby, broke like 40 pairs of drumsticks per set, and got some new cymbals like 2 days ago; And Ryan… Well, he’s exactly the same. Can’t argue with consistency!

Those 5 years brought us to this year’s LP. It’s been a long, fun, and crazy road…but it’s far from over. Thanks to everyone for making it well worth the journey!

NLFTW in 2015. DREAM in 2015.


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