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FORESIGHT – new solid hardcore act on Youth 2 Youth / Ugly & Proud Records!

FORESIGHT hardcore by KeepThisMoment
FORESIGHT hardcore by
Częstochowa, Poland based Youth 2 Youth Records has unveiled 2 of the 4 debut tracks from FORESIGHT, new 90s inspired hardcore band featuring members of Radiance, Vicious X Reality and Protein! The EP is a collaboration with Ugly & Proud Records and it brings good old raw vibes with a proper message. Listen below and stay tuned for more from these fellas.

Foresight is a Y2Y band by 100% – Anton and Krystian were behind Radiance, Damian plays in VxR and Protein, Daniel is a new kid on the block, but he’s been always there for us. This record is all about their vibe – heavy, yet filled with melody and full of thoughtful lyrics. 90s spirit at its best. What’s also special, Foresight 7’ marks our very first co-release – kindly enough, Niki of Ugly&Proud Records joins us in this endeavor. Boom. / Youth 2 Youth Records

We’ve just launched the pre-orders. Turn your attention to this sweet package deal that comes with a longsleeve and some hair bleach – if you really feel like supporting the stuff we do, grab this one, please. 100 copies come on marbled white, 200 on regular black.

FORESIGHT hardcore

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