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FOREVER LOSING SLEEP – “I Lost Myself Again” video premiere

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‘I Lost Myself Again’ by FOREVER LOSING SLEEP was released on October 14th, 2014 and I am honored to remind you about this amazing release with the band’s new music video! Not only it’s a shattering album with well calculated sounds drawing from post rock and more energetic subgenres mixed together, but now it feel complete with this stunning picture. The video follows the main concept of beautifully written and morally challenging art, revealing a bit more of its dreamy nature. FOREVER LOSING SLEEP are easily one of the most adventurous artists from the States now, creating a very specific blend of inpirations, diverse components and new visions. Taste it through this newest, tastefully presented and form and tell all your friends. It will send you far away, or quite the opposite – somewhere deep inside yourself. Enjoy!

The band will be doing a 35 day full US tour this July/August with a band called ARROWS IN HER (Broken World Media).

Grab “I Lost Myself Again” on cassette tape via Lost State Records or digitally through the player below.

The band commented:

We’re FOREVER LOSING SLEEP, a band from New Jersey. We formed in September of 2012 and since then have completed 8 tours across the East Coast, played over 150+ shows and released our debut full length record on October 14th of 2014.
We currently are already working on writing for another full length record and a split. We have no speculated time for a release as of yet, but we’re chipping away and putting a lot of work into these new songs. In the mean time we’ve been touring as much as we can, we’ll be on a 35 day long full US tour this July/August with a band called ARROWS IN HER and we couldn’t be more excited to see the country, play in new spots and make a bunch of new friends.
Things are great at the moment! We’ve had a really good response to the full length in the half year its been out. Recently we’ve had a couple of indie labels reach out that are going to help us put the record out physically, so we’re all really excited to put that out.

… and added a couple of lines about the track:

When I was 14 my father died of diabetes and this song/video is about how his death affected life at home between my mom and I. Being a single mother, my mom had no choice but to work 2 – 3 jobs at a time just to keep food on the table, I watched her grow tired, stop enjoying the small things in life because she literally didn’t have time for them, she was so completely and utterly selfless and did every single thing she could to provide for the both of us. Sadly, we still spent a lot of time without hot water and electricity and couldn’t always afford to keep food in the house, these were the hardest times for us for sure, but not because we were without these first world materialistic things most people are accustomed to, more so because despite how hard she worked I knew she felt as if she let me down whenever we went through an extra hard period of time like that, even though she could never let me down. After my father had passed, being a younger kid with little self control I got caught up in some pretty bad things. I developed a bit of a drinking problem and with that I wasn’t really there for my mom when she needed me to be, I spent a lot of time running from what I should have been facing head on. The video sees this story from both sides of the spectrum.


Credits for the video:

Cast: Stacey Daly / Amy Griggs / Kris Richards / Lucas EiseleConcept / Director / DOP / Edit / Grade / Producer – Michael O’Connor
Art Director / Production Design – Dave Kemp
B-Camera Operator – Alistair Parkhurst
Camera Assistants – Elizabeth Armstrong & Aaron O’Connell
Make-Up Artist & Design – Leah Crystal John

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