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FOUR YEAR STRONG release brand new video for “Learn To Love The Lie”

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FOUR YEAR STRONG have released a brand new video for “Learn To Love The Lie” taken from their highly anticipated fifth full-length album “Brain Pain” which will be released on 28th February via Pure Noise Records. This is the band’s first album since their self-titled release in 2015 and soon, fans will learn that it was worth every second of waiting.

“‘Learn To Love The Lie’ was one of the first songs we wrote for ‘Brain Pain’. It’s about being stuck in a mutually miserable relationship, but you’re both too much of a coward to leave. If you’re going to lie to yourself about being happy, you might as well learn to love it. Lets not kid ourselves…We’ve all been there” explains vocalist Dan O’Connor .

The band – which is made up of vocalist/guitarists Dan O’Connor and Alan Day, bassist Joe Weiss and drummer Jake Massucco – began conceptualising the ideas for “Brain Pain” two years ago and for the past year-and-a-half have focused on bringing those thoughts to fruition.

“We didn’t want to set a strict deadline for this album because we wanted to be sure we took the time to write the best songs possible. In the past our writing and recording was so dependent on getting something out in time to go on tour; this time we really had the opportunity to take our time and work through these ideas”.

In order to capture that sound the group enlisted producer Will Putney, who was an engineer on 2010’s “Enemy Of The World” and already had a relationship with the band.

“We were really emotionally invested in this music so we wanted to go with someone who we knew would care about it as much as we did and Will was that guy” Day says.

“Learn To Love The Lie” Lyrics:

I wish it was just another day
Another ordinary, nothing extraordinary,Just a boring Sunday morning
When doing nothing’s the only something we’ve got planned
But not todayWere falling apart and its showing that were
basically just trapped in captivity
Wishing our way outJust Let me cross my fingers behind my backand I’ll swear on anything you want me to after thatI’ve heard that if I cross my heart then I’d have to die
If you don’t want to say good
bye then I guess you’ll have to learn to love the lie You and me,. we’re really nothing but enemies
pretending were not meant to beI don’t want to be the one to stayI don’t want to be the one that got awayAnd if I’m being honest, you couldn’t get rid of me anyway I don’t want to be the one to stay What the hell? For heavens sake I don’t want to be the one that got awayIf Massachusetts had a loyaltyI hope it wouldn’t choose you over me And if you’re wondering what keeps me up at nightIts thinking that you might be right
You and me, we’re really nothing but enemies
pretending that’s exactly how its supposed to be
You can say what you want about me
The old me would not apologize
You can do what you want without meIf only I could keep us from collidingOver analyzing every move we makeWe think were just surviving but slowly we were dyinguntil the rattle somehow brings us back to lifeSo lets learn to love the lie

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