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FOUR YEAR STRONG release yet another new video: watch “Get Out Of My Head”!

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Ahead of the release of their highly anticipated fifth full-length album “Brain Pain”, Massachusetts punk-rockers FOUR YEAR STRONG have released the music video for “Get Out Of My Head.” This is the final taste of new music before the band’s new release via Pure Noise Records and packs a heavy punch both musically and lyrically.

“’Get Out Of My Head’ is a song about a voice of self doubt that tries to keep you from moving forward or getting anything done” vocalists/guitarists Alan Day and Dan O’Connor share on the new single. “Its about struggling to turn that voice off. You try and pretend its not there, but it’s so loud that it eats away at any ability you have to be who you want to be. It consumes you entirely. Its about doing everything in your power to shut that voice up and overcome. You know the feeling”.

Four Year Strong – which is made up of vocalist/guitarists O’Connor and Day, bassist Joe Weiss and drummer Jake Massucco — began conceptualizing the ideas for “Brain Pain” two years ago and for the past year-and-a-half have focused on bringing those thoughts to fruition. “We didn’t want to set a strict deadline for this album because we wanted to be sure we took the time to write the best songs possible. In the past our writing and recording was so dependent on getting something out in time to go on tour; this time we really had the opportunity to take our time and work through these ideas”.

In order to capture that sound the group enlisted producer Will Putney, who was an engineer on 2010’s “Enemy Of The World” and already had a relationship with the band. “We were really emotionally invested in this music so we wanted to go with someone who we knew would care about it as much as we did and Will was that guy” Day says.

This year Four Year Strong will be at Slam Dunk @ La Cigale / La Boule Noire (Paris, FR) on May 30th.

Get Out Of My Head Lyrics:

I just want to fall asleep and drift away and wake up in a dreamWhere everything’s still fucked up but it doesn’t bother meInstead it all fills up my lungs until I can barely breatheAll the time I try and tell myself the truthAll I hear is youSo Get out of my headI know without a doubt if I don’t get up I’ll sink right through the couchWhere the rotting of my brain is all I have to think aboutThe world just keeps on turning as I’m turning inside outAll the pieces that I’m picking up off the floorThey don’t seem to fit the way they’re supposed to anymoreAll the things that I’ve been trying not to doThey always lead me back to youThought I saw the writing on the wall but now I see the paint is peelingYou’ve got me ripping up the floor instead of breaking through the ceiling
You know the feelingYou want me to burn out but I’d rather fade away

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