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FOXING’s Audiotree Sessions available!

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Download here. Read my lengthy interview with the band at this location.

“Foxing is a band, someday Foxing won’t be a band, ” is a heavy-laden slogan. From the first note of their debut record, The Albatross, you understand how all-consuming the mantra is. Its thematic core is impermanence; the finite existence of popular spotlight, of having meaningful words to say, and of human life. It’s a delicate debut that crashes down like a post-hardcore anvil in each weighted moment it should. It’s dense in subject matter and lush with instrumental accompaniment that includes woodwinds, strings, brass, and keys.

Conor Murphy’s vocal work is top notch; he traverses from a tender, loving falsetto to a gentle spoken word accumulating in strained growls. The band’s backup gang vocals bolster the living sense of tension that exists in the post-hardcore, post-rock influenced material. Foxing is an emotionally stirring experimental indie band whose rumbling, grandiose sound has garnered critical acclaim from fans across the musical spectrum.

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