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French electronic tinged avant garde rockers PARQUET share intriguing new video for “Brute”

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French Avant Rock band Parquet is making a bold return with their new EP titled “Mud,” released today via Carton Records. This highly anticipated EP sets the stage for the band’s forthcoming full-length album, set to drop in the fall. To kick off the release, Parquet has unveiled a captivating music video for the EP’s opening track, “Brute.”

Directed by Maxime Séve, the music video takes viewers into an empty urban space, where the body of dancer Véronique Lemonnier becomes a central element. The video captures the essence of the song, combining the urban environment with the primal nature of mud. Lemonnier’s movements reflect an unwavering drive, as she pushes herself to new limits with silent power and tenacity.

Parquet © Oscar Fritsch
Parquet © Oscar Fritsch

“Mud” consists of two tracks, “Brute” and “Mud,” and its creation was not without its challenges. The EP underwent a long and tumultuous writing process. However, the end result perfectly aligns with the band’s manifesto: taking their time, embracing acceptance, and allowing themselves to be carried away by the desire to explore and reach a certain state.

Today, the EP is available on vinyl and all major digital platforms. The release marks a significant milestone for Parquet, as it is their first release since 2018. The EP’s artwork, which focuses on length and repetitions rather than aesthetics, sets the stage for their future projects.

Parquet © Oscar Fritsch
Parquet © Oscar Fritsch

Looking ahead, fans can expect the release of the album “Sparkles & Mud” in October 2023, followed by another EP towards the end of the year. In a unique approach, the album covers for these three releases will feature a similar design, with only the names and serial numbers of the label changing. This cohesive visual identity further emphasizes the interconnectedness and evolution of Parquet’s music.

Parquet live

With “Mud,” Parquet showcases their ability to captivate listeners with their eletronics filled avant-garde rock sound.

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