Incision by @_prdxvisuals
Incision by @_prdxvisuals
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Vancouver metallic hardcore band INCISION unleashes sonic fury with “Mirroring an Indefinite Depiction” EP, share track by track commentary

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Vancouver’s metallic hardcore powerhouse, Incision, is are releasing their highly anticipated EP, “Mirroring an Indefinite Depiction,” today via Restricted Air Space Records in North America and The Coming Strife in the UK/Europe. With five blistering tracks that showcase the band’s musical prowess, Incision joins the ranks of Western Canada’s heavy-hitting acts like Serration, A Mourning Star, and Trench.

The EP features guest appearances from members of Cleaver, Neck of The Woods, and Seasons Worn, solidifying the collective strength of Vancouver’s musicians.

“Mirroring an Indefinite Depiction” will be available on all streaming platforms, and physical copies in the form of CDs and cassettes will be released by RAR and The Coming Strife.

To celebrate the EP’s release, Incision will perform at an EP release show on July 7th, accompanied by Witness Chamber from Boise and Bay Area outfit Natural Human Instinct.

We are excited to bring you an exclusive track-by-track commentary from the band, giving insight into the creation and meaning behind each song on the EP. From the intense opening track, “Condemned,” to the bouncy and infectious “Weathered Frame,” this commentary provides a deeper understanding of the music and lyrics that make up this powerful release. Each track showcases Incision’s ability to blend aggression and emotion, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

With their consistent dedication to delivering gritty, evil, and visceral music, Incision proves they are a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore scene.


This was the first track we wrote with our new bassist, Ethan Chambers. Ethan brought the main riff to the table and we just ran with it. All the cards were laid out on the table for this one. We really wanted to do something that checked a tonne of boxes. You know how sometimes songs just “happen”? Almost like the song wrote itself? This one is fun to play, fun to listen to, just a great pump up track to start the record. And, who doesn’t love a song starting with a breakbeat? Lyrically, a lot of this record explores my personal experience losing someone to drugs. Not losing in the sense that they died, but losing as in I lost the person I knew from substance abuse. I’m not one to explain all the ins and outs to my lyrics, so I’ll let the words on the record speak for themselves, but that is the overarching theme of this whole EP. Shoutout to our boys Ethan and Thorben from Cleaver for laying down some cool vocal features on this track.


This was the first song that we had written for this EP, long before we even knew when the next release would take shape and what exactly it would look like. Hot on the heels of putting together Reverie, this song was put together with the intention of returning to the darker element of our band’s sound, where Reverie had more of a melodic sing along type approach. This song really set the mood for what we wanted our next release to sound like though: gritty, evil, and viscous. Out of our whole discography, this song features the best breakdown we’ve ever written in my opinion…


This one was originally going to be a full length song with lyrics and the whole 9 yards, but we decided that it would be best suited to serve as an instrumental interlude to break up the first 2 tracks and the last 2 tracks on the EP. We had this idea of keeping it short, to the point, and having a really eerie vibe to it, all while being just an unrelenting juggernaut of a track that refuses to let up for even a second.


So if Condemned “happened”, Fading “didn’t”. This song was was a pain in the ass to write and just didn’t want to come together. Fading was a track that we had a lot of ideas for, and things just kept getting shuffled around with its layout until it eventually just all came together. We are all just super stoked on how this track came out. The way the song also perfectly unfolds coming out of the previous track, Untitled, is something you gotta hear for yourself… Our Friend Jeff from Neck Of The Woods helped us out with an insane vocal feature on this track too.

Weathered Frame.

We really wanted a bouncy track on the record and that’s how this song came about. Taking inspiration from Vein’s intro track on Errorzone, Virus://Vibrance. We decided that this would be the single that we wanted to put out ahead of release to tease the record. Originally, there was a lot of back and forth about if we even wanted to put out a single or not, but ultimately we just felt that an album like this needed something to give people a taste of what was to come. Weathered Frame was a song that we were battling a hard deadline with and we ultimately just did not think we would even have this song ready to go when we were scheduled to go record the EP. Sure enough, the creative juices went into overdrive for this one and we managed to have this whole song written in a matter of like a week and a half, just in time to stay on track with our recording schedule. We probably spent the least amount of time on this track, and funny enough, it turned out to collectively be arguably our favourite track on the EP. Our friend Conner from Seasons Worn laid down a solid vocal feature on this track as well. Fun fact: If you play the beginning of Condemned, you’ll hear a cassette tape being loaded into a stereo. At the end of Weathered Frame, you’ll hear it popping out.

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