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French emotive post hardcore / screamo band TENACE unveils an excellent live session video for new song “Sombre Tableau”

Just days before their upcoming EP premiere here on IDIOTEQ Parisian screamo / post hardcore quartet TENACE are joining us to present their empotional live session performance for the new track “Sombre Tableau”, a collaboration with Fabien Catala, singer (and drummer) for French screamo band EUX. Coming as a part of the Nuisances Records series, one of the labels involved in the release of the new EP, the video promises an accomplished, ever-giving record that rarely fails to enchant.

A new EP “Des Marques Sur Nos Mains” will be released digitally on June 18th, followed by vinyls and cassettes later this summer. Check back on on June 16th to hear a special early stream with loads of extra content from the band.

The EP will be available via a number of DIY labels: Itawak Records / Sleepy Dog Records / Nuisances Records / Yoyodynerecords / • smart and confused • / Jean Scene Creamers / Les disques Rabat-joie / Les Laboratoires de sons / Cloudsurf Records / Cœur sur toi / Callous Records / Missed Out Records.


Stay tuned for the full EP stream on June 16th.

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