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Post rockers DÛRGA unveils captivating new live session video for the majestic single “Màquia”

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Valencia, Spain based post rockerss DÛRGA from are about to release their new album “Sequoia” on June 10th, and today we’re pleased to share the amazing live taste of their new craft called “Màquia”, revealed in a special live setting.

Màquia” is the Catalan name for a floristic landscape that appeared after the progressive destruction of the old Mediterranean and coniferous forests. It represents the vegetal community that predominates after the degradation of the forests that were splendorous once.” – comments the band.

“We liked this idea from the beginning, like the concept of the album (Sequoia, a tree that becomes giant as time goes by). The màquia transforms, with the right amount of time, and arid and deforested terrain into a live ecosystem. This idea can translate to our day to day life. If we stop paying attention and giving importance to fleeting things in our lives (like social media, capitalists ways of leisure…) we can observe the world from a quiet perspective and focus in what is really important and can make grow something inside us.”

“This is a 100% instrumental track, closer to the classic upbeat post-rock sound, unless our previous single “Deshielo”. After the guitar into the main riff kicks in with full power, it is one of our favorite songs from the album! We worked it during the COVID pandemic, so we had time to play and develop it with no rush and enjoying the process. Taking the right time to make things you love makes a real difference!”

“The idea of recording this live video was to show the tracks in a different way. The audio of the song in the record is brutal, but there’s always something special into playing the songs live: the energy between the members of the band is something you can feel on the clip and cannot reproduce it in a track-by-track album recording. It was filmed into an old house from the 1950s, where very few or no changes has been made, giving a very cool vintage look. The video was made by Miguel Yubero and the audio was recorded by Dani Martinez and Dani Benajes from Jam Studios. We are very happy with the results and with sharing it with you all.”

Dûrga is a power trio consisting of Santi (guitar and vocals), Carlos (bass and vocals) and David (drums and vocals). The project was born in Valencia in 2016, when their musical interests lead them to experiment with styles close to post-metal, post-hardcore and post-rock as their main inspiration.

Their creations are a sound trip where ambient passages made of melodic and quiet rhythms interact with heavy atmospheres loaded with intensity, distortion and heavy riffs. Everything under a passionate and critical view towards the human race.

Their proposal have broken boundaries, taking them to play in one of the most famous independent festivals: the SXSW in Austin, Texas. They have also performed in festivals like Primavera Pro and have been on tour across Europe, Mexico and USA.

After publishing their two albums “Venjança” (2017) and “De Lira Ire” (2018), Dûrga is continuing to work on Sequoia’s release; a safe bet for those passionate about alternative rock.

Preproduction of the album comes from Pablo Martinez (Desakato) and was done in OVNI studios (Asturias). Sequoia has been recorded in Ultramarinos Costa Brava (Toundra, Bala) and has the support of threerecord labels: Narshardaa Records (Germany), Nooirax Records (Spain) and Sleepless Owl Records (France).

Follow the band via their official webpage and socials.

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