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French melodic hardcore band RESOLVE release new video “Abyss”

French band RESOLVE have premiered a new music video for their song “Abyss”, available for your viewing pleasure below. The video is a follow up offering to their previous video “Exposed”, featured at this location.

The band commented:

“‘Abyss’ is the second song we wrote and one of our favourites. It’s one of those tracks you can’t wait to show everyone as soon as you’re out of the studio. We feel it’s the right balance between rawness and emotion, lyrically and musically. Filming the music video in the coldest water wasn’t easy but it has proved to be totally worth it in the end”


Seated on that bench, the night is overwhelming
Answering the questions you don’t dare asking to yourself
I know you’re scared to leave it out,
But I can’t stay here watching
Thick mist, crucial choices, just pick one: blue or red pill?
Which one do you want to be, the beast or the beauty?

Why the fuck can’t you just be happy?
Constantly wondering if that pain is deserved,
Why everything seems so cold and empty?
Can’t you see?
Future is not written

Free your mind, everything is erasable
By your side, we are one until we fall

You are trapped by habits
Drowning deeper and deeper into the abyss
You are trapped by habits
Vicious circle, sinking vessel

Just an ant in the anthill
Retained by memories
Unable to behave like the others
You put yourself on the shelf
Now your pen confesses
You’re scared to close the only book you’ve ever opened

(Why the fuck can’t you just be happy?
Constantly wondering if that pain is deserved)

What part do you want to play in that story?
Constantly wondering if that pain is deserved
Why everything seems to heavy yet empty?
Can’t you see?
This is not your burden

By your side, together, we’ll build our mental castle
Aren’t you tired of watching yourself bleed?

Trust me and be yourself
Live free, die honest
We are one until we fall

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