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French melodic punk rockers Mr. Godson Will Be the Last One to Survive share new video “Want to Delete”

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Mr. Godson Will Be the Last One to Survive doesn’t seek accolades or aim to pioneer a revolution. Instead, they exude a sense of endurance, signaling that while they might not have been the trailblazers, they are undoubtedly the stalwarts, standing the test of time.

Their music is an all-night convenience store of punk rock — essential, raw, and unapologetically straightforward. It’s a blend that captures the essence of punk rock: tense, combative, yet never straying far from a catchy melody that lingers long after the last chord has been struck.

As we premiere their new music video for the song “Want to Delete”, it’s evident that the band’s journey has been marked by evolution and resilience.

A significant chapter in this journey was the departure of their drummer Alex due to medical issues related to dystonia. Such transitions can shake the very foundation of bands, especially one that hasn’t seen a lineup change since its inception in 2011.

Yet, the core members – Mat (bass), Jay (guitar, vocals), and Olivier (guitar, vocals) – remained unwavering.


“It’s our first recording with our new drummer Ben… It’s the First line-up change since the beginning of the band in 2011.” – says the band.

Their recent EP, “Drink My Words“, is a testament to this evolution. It’s a blend of the old and new, with three songs from the Alex era and three fresh tracks shaped by the rhythms of their new drummer, Ben. Among them, “Want to Delete” stands out not just for its gripping sound but the poignant story it tells.

Mr Godson

The track, penned during the worldwide lockdowns, delves deep into the collective psyche of our times. Jay, known for his vivacious spirit and zest for life, found himself penned in by the pandemic’s constraints. The lyrics, resonating with many, reflect the longing to erase this period of inertia and uncertainty.

“…the song was written during a lockdown period and speaks about this experience and waiting for the end of this.”

If there’s one thing that sets Mr. Godson apart, it’s their unwavering commitment to authenticity.

They are staunch advocates of the DIY approach, recording and mixing their EP in their rehearsal room.

But when a task is beyond their reach, they turn to their community, always preferring to collaborate with friends, such as Simon, the artist behind the EP’s artwork.

Mr. Godson has announced a series of shows for the upcoming months.


Here are the scheduled dates:

20/10/23 – Capdenac, joined by the Hop Hop Hop
21/10/23 – At La Grange de Combredet
22/10/23 – Plateau Corrézien, featuring Llamame la Muerte

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