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BLINK-182’s nostalgic tribute to the Ramones in “Dance With Me”

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Blink-182’s latest visual release, “Dance With Me”, unfolds as a touching tribute, revisiting the unforgettable aesthetics of the Ramones, a significant influence on the band’s musical journey. Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Tom DeLonge don leather jackets, wigs, and sunglasses reminiscent of the iconic New York punk band. The visual, directed by the Malloys, is not just a video but a heartfelt homage.

The song is a teaser from their forthcoming album, One More Time…, set for release on October 20 through Columbia Records. This album marks a significant reunion for the trio – their first collaborative effort since 2011. The album also includes other tracks that have been pre-released, such as the title track “One More Time”, “More Than You Know”, and “Edging“.

Blink 182

In 2015, DeLonge had taken a hiatus from the band, venturing into the realm of extraterrestrial explorations. During this period, Blink-182 released two albums – California and Nine – with guitarist Matt Skiba. However, the original lineup’s reunion was announced last October, and they released the track “Edging” which will also be featured on One More Time….

The bond between the band members is evident, as personal tragedies have often been the catalyst for their reunions. DeLonge’s decision to rejoin was heavily influenced by Hoppus’ battle with lymphoma.

BLINK 182 band
BLINK 182 band

DeLonge emotionally recalls in an Apple Music trailer for the album: “Until Mark told me he was sick, that’s the only thing I wanted to do.”

Previously, it was Barker’s miraculous survival from a plane crash in 2008 that led to the band’s reunion. Their experiences, especially the recurring theme of tragedy leading to unity, is poignantly expressed in the album’s title track “One More Time“.

The upcoming 17-song album, produced by Barker, promises an emotional rollercoaster, with “Dance With Me” offering a playful yet nostalgic vibe.

As they often do, Blink-182 uses humor and fun, evident in the song’s opening lyrics: ‘When I teach masturbation, I’m always just like, “Have fun with it.”’

One More Time…, marking the band’s return with Tom since 2011’s Neighborhoods, is eagerly anticipated by fans. Until its release, fans can immerse themselves in the Ramones-inspired video for “Dance With Me”. Scroll back up to check it out.

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