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French post punk alt rockers PRINCESS THAILAND unveils new intriguing album “Golden Frames”

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Princess Thailand by Justine Dauthier
Princess Thailand by Justine Dauthier

After their critically acclaimed albums “Princess Thailand” (2018) and “And We Shine” (2020), the French post-punk outfit Princess Thailand is set to release their third album, “Golden Frames,” on November 24, 2023. Known for their deep and striking aesthetic, the band continues to evolve, offering a blend of noise, no-wave, and post-punk sounds that have become their signature.

Today, we’re thrilled to give you an early stream of the full thing below!

“Golden Frames” promises to be an album that showcases Princess Thailand’s progression towards a more sophisticated and intense production. Staying true to their love for noise and post-punk, the band has delved deeper into their artistic vision, constantly challenging and refining their sound. This album’s ten tracks are a testament to their growth and experimentation.

The album features ten tracks, each carrying its unique essence within the band’s overarching style.

Princess Thailand

“Golden Frames” is characterized by its direct and percussive female vocals, which intertwine seamlessly with the chiseled and frontal drumming.

The bold and mineral synthetic textures, along with the corrosive guitars, create an alchemy that truly comes alive in their live performances. “Golden Frames” is set to be both inspiring and explosive, making it a highly anticipated release in the European alternative music scene.

Princess Thailand by Justine Dauthier
Princess Thailand by Justine Dauthier

Princess Thailand, emerging from the French music scene, has established themselves as a band with a unique identity, unafraid to experiment with sound and aesthetics. Their previous albums have garnered attention for their innovative approach to post-punk, and “Golden Frames” is expected to continue this trend.

Princess Thailand
Princess Thailand

“Golden Frames” will be available in CD, Vinyl, and Digital formats across Europe.

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