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French post punks HININ marry classic vibes with their genuine weirdness in new addictive track “Dernière Sommation”

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With their new single “Dernière Sommation”, French atmospheric post punk act HININ have managed to show off really creative songwriting and some of the most peculiar vocals I’ve heard in a while, putting a fresh spin on the well explored subgenre with a style. Today, we’re giving you the exclusive first listen of this amazing opener of their new upcoming album “Hors-Jeu”, to be released on December 13th via Hidden Bay Records (MC), and Medication Time Records, Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?, I Love Limoges Records, Senceless act of anger and Donnez Moi Du Feu.

Dernière Sommation (can be translated as “last warning”) speaks about depression, not to be able to bear your ownself and other’s, the desire to drop everything. To have mixed feeling, hesistating between moving on or keeping on destroying yourself, while waiting for the end.

The album tells about love, boredom, the difficulty of finding a place among the others(*), the fear of growing up and leaving your habits, revolution of an evening and the day after resignation… All the texts are deliberately imaged and coded so that everyone can interpret it in a personal way.

Recorded by Raphaël Durand, mixed ans mastered by Jacky Cadiou from Syndrome81.

(*) HININ meaning: Hinin was an outcast group in ancient Japan, the lowest class during the period. Including the poor ones, criminals, or sick ones…

“Hinin” can be traduced by “non-human”.

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HININ on tour:

10/12: Rennes
11/12: Nantes
12/12: Tours
13/12:Limoges w/ Frustration
14/12: Villefranche-de-Rouergue
19/12: Brest w/ Litovsk
20/12: Douarnenez w/ Litovsk
21/12: Le Vieux Marché w/ Litovsk

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