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French raw screamo act 2 GRÈS (ex UN AUTOMNE DE PLUS) release debut EP

We were aware that when a moose charges, it may kick forward with its front hooves. What we didn’t know, though, is that when a moose clashes into a horse…

… the horse dies and it gives way to its executioner. That’s basically the story of 2 GRÈS (the moose), a new entity that rises from the ashes of UN AUTOMNE DE PLUS (the horse). Weird, isn’t it? Well, it gets even more complicated with every step deeper into its mystery.
2 GRÈS arises as a natural consequence of permeation of contrary emotions, channelling multiple voices. Any hesitation about its harshness is quickly wiped away by a soothing mixture of atmospheric and cinematic soundscapes. Violent, yet tender and almost transcendental.

2 GRÈS has released its debut EP “De gré ou de force” and extended his examination of atmopsheric, post rock tinged screamo defined on the UN AUTOMNE DE PLUS records (2011-2017). This coming Summer will bring us a ‘2 GRÈS plays UN AUTOMNE DE PLUS‘ cover release that will serve as a forerunner for the band’s 2018 follow-up EP record.

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