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French skate punks THE DEAD KRAZUKIES break down their new anthemic album “Icarus”

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A couple of weeks after the release of their new album “Icarus”, French skate punk rockers THE DEAD KRAZUKIES are joining us for a special track by track commentary, revealing some of the mindset of writing and ideas behind the new high-octane set of jams.

After their debut LP in 2016, the band have played various tours through Europe and the Punk In Drublic Festival in 2019, sharing the stage with NOFX. Known for catchy melodies and California 90s style punk, the five piece strikes with a solid new 12-tracker, available now on SBÄM Records in Europe, Sound Speed Records in USA and Punk&Disorderly Records in Canada.

For fans of Useless ID, Rise Against, Pennywise.

Black Pearl – This song is an allegory of punk rock style way of life, do what you want, when you want, choose your path.
Become a pirate if you like it, live your life and don’t care about consequences.

If Everything Falls – We just all became parents those last few years. This song describes the arrival of a child in life and what it means when you are a punk parent.

The Ones – On of our most political songs, we, the people, are always the screwed up people, in any case. It requires actions not words to make it change and make our voice heard.

Fairy Tales – The writing of this song was done initially after the Paris terrorist attacks during the show at The Bataclan. It’s a song about extremists and clearly anti-religion. Unfortunately, it still means something after the recent events.

Burn Out – Everybody has a voice in his head (at least I hope) saying « Get the fuck out of here » when you have too much pressure at work. This song is about admitting there is a real problem and fin d a solution to change your life. It has also a second text about generalized capitalism: more work, more profit, less life.

Short Song for Old People – We just realized that we start to become old, after a tour, after a party, after an intense week of work.

How do you manage being a punk rocker and start to get old?

#allaboutme – This song is about all the Instagram crazyness, people selling their bodies and minds to get some virtual love. It’s a modern form of prostitution, and good thing, it requires no talent at all!

The Sun – Reaching the sun is like a goal to achieve, but it fact, it just mesmerizes you, blinds you, and prevents you to looks anywhere else. It’s the same with this world, between governments, mass media, influent people. They keep your attention to stop you thinking by yourself.

Perfect Strangers – Almost a love song, more a dying friendship, with no real reasons. People come and go.

El Diablo – This song is about a well known bandit El Diablo who terrorizes all the South West. The real story is we call El Diablo all the fucking hipsters surfing in our hometown.

Go Away – Political song again, simple and clear: to all extreme political people, we don’t want you.

Supernova -This song is about instant fame, how to deal with and what do you after it goes away. This is a specialty of our modern world, find someone not interesting and push him to the hall of fame for no reason, then pass on to the next. Hence the analogy with the Supernova, it’s a star exploding because it was too big. As also a second text about generalized capitalism: more work, more profit, less life.

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