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AS FRIENDS RUST – “Greatest Hits?” streaming!

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Japanese label Cosmic Note Records released this amazing compilation in mid-2014. Be sure to take a listen and share!

AS FRIENDS RUST broke up in 2002 but reunited in 2008 for a couple of shows in their hometown and Europe. They are coming back to Europe later this year to perform at the almighty Groezrock festival in Belgium. The festival crew introduced them with the following words:

As far as we’re concerned the award this year for ‘How come this band never played Groezrock?!’ goes to As Friends Rust, the legendary hardcore punk rockers from Gainesville, Florida! An extensive mix of diverse circumstances led to the fact that Damien Moyal and his band haven’t made it to Meerhout until now. We do have to admit, ever since the very beginning we’ve been enormous fans of AFR. Their swinging punk rock hardcore with catchy sing-along choruses and titles of another cosmic dimension, charmed us already in the 90s. Now, finally, they’re on the Groezrock bill, so we can shout it out: ‘As Friends Rust, I got it bad for you. So bad for you. The naughty what nots for you. A deep soft spot for you!’

The Greozrock gig will mark their first European show since the 2008 reunion!

Tracks 1-3 are from the first lineup
Featured on ‘The Fists of Time’ EP (recorded 1996)

Track 4 is from the second lineup JAPAN TOUR LINEUP
Also featured on ‘The Fists of Time’ EP (recorded 1998)

Tracks 5-10 are from the second lineup JAPAN TOUR LINEUP
Featured on ‘6-Song CD’ (AKA ‘God Hour’ EP) (1998)

Track 11 is from the second lineup JAPAN TOUR LINEUP
Featured on the split 7″ with Discount (1998)

Tracks 12-15 are from the third lineup
Featured on the ‘Won’ LP (2001)

Tracks 16-17 are from the third lineup
Featured on the ‘A Young Trophy Band in the Parlance of Our Times’ EP (2002)

The compilation is available in the USA through the band’s bigcartel page.

AS FRIENDS RUST singer Damien’s other band ON BODIES has recently signed with Southern California’s Irish Voodoo Records. The band will release a US version of their acclaimed EP “The Long Con” which is off to press right now for a 10″, followed by another EP called “Unremarkably Mortal”.

Here’s the cover of the 10″ version of The Long Con EP on Irish Voodoo Records, with gold foil stamping. Japan’s Cosmic Note label will release a CD of the combined EPs called “UNREMARKABLY MORTAL + THE LONG CON” for their tour this coming March!



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