Clearbody by @kaaathyyy_g
Clearbody by @kaaathyyy_g
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From Oasis, to Hum and Underoath – CLEARBODY shares 9 inspirational artists, new single streaming

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North Carolina-based shoegaze band Clearbody are teasing their new EP, Bend Into a Blur, headlined by the captivating lead single, New Essence, which we’re stoked to give you in its full glory today! This latest offering showcases the band’s evolved sound, featuring ingenious songwriting and a refined execution that builds upon their remarkable debut album.

To celebrate the upcoming release, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the band to discuss the top inspirations behind their compelling and diverse sound. Here’s what they had to say (see below).

Clearbody by KATHY GARCIA
Clearbody by KATHY GARCIA

With a nod to the ’90s grunge revival, Bend Into a Blur finds its place among esteemed contemporaries like Cloakroom, Superheaven, and Narrowhead. The 5-track EP, recorded in the summer of 2022 with esteemed producer Jon Markson (Drug Church, I Am The Avalanche, One Step Closer), is a self-release that showcases Clearbody’s growth and maturity as a band. Their previous work garnered attention from notable outlets such as SPIN, Brooklyn Vegan, and Stereogum.

9 Inspirational Records, by CLEARBODY


Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

Oasis are the greatest, Liam is the greatest, I heard Champagne Supernova when I was in 6th grade and it changed my life. What more can I say?

Electric Wizard – Dopethrone

When we first started writing this record I wanted to write heavier songs, I was really into other bands like Sleep and Jesu but when I first heard Dopethrone, it just felt like it had everything I wanted out of a doom metal record. The vocals are awesome, the tones sound like they’re blowing your speaker, it’s heavy as fuck. It made me want to write a song that was just LOUD.

Frank Ocean – Blonde

When we were entering the final stages of starting to make the record, I wanted to push myself to create the visuals for it. There’s so much art behind Blonde, alternate covers, photobooks, I wanted to do something similar for us. I shot all the artwork for this record with my dear friend Kathy Garcia. She’s been not only a huge inspiration but a mentor to me over the past year. I wanted to give all of myself to this project and I’m so proud of it, but I couldn’t have done it without an album like Blonde being in rotation.


Blink-182 – Enema of the State

While it’s not my favorite blink record (shoutout Neighborhoods), this album has so many well structured songs and the most incredible bass tone that I’ve always chased. Blink also managed to fill so much space with only three instruments in this era and aren’t afraid to have some of the riffs on bass, so growing up loving this version of them definitely helped shape how I want to write and play Clearbody songs.

Hum – Inlet

Some of the most insanely heavy tones of all time exist on this record. I feel like this was my blueprint when putting together the amp and pedals i used on Bend Into A Blur. If you’ve never smoked a fat doink to this album, you haven’t lived yet.

Death Cab for Cutie – Narrow Stairs

Just such an awesome record to bob your head to. So many catchy hooks and dope riffs. Some of my favorite Death Cab songs are on this one. (Not sure if that’s a hot take)


Big Bite – Big Bite

I’ve never enjoyed tremolo so much. This record made me want a whammy bar installed in my brain.

Oceana – Cleanhead EP

Denny rips on this. I’ve always enjoyed common time signatures that feel unstructured. I love that he never played a part the same way twice.

Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Safety

I used to put my headphones in and drum to track 6 when I was a kid. It sounded like shit but definitely made me wanna go fast.

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