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From Saetia, to Mobb Deep and Interpol – best NYC artists, by emotive post hardcore rockers STAY INSIDE

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Produced and recorded by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Koyo), “Blight“, the newest EP from emotive indie post hardcore rockers STAY INSIDE showcases a heavier, more intense side of their craft, and channels various vibes of many admirable New York artists of numerous different genres and styles. Even though it’s only four tracks, the EP carries the same weight as the band’s full length, if not more.

To celebrate their roots and local independent arts scene of the almighty New York City, we have teamed up with STAY INSIDE to give you their top artists from NYC, making for an eclectic collision of styles that makes for a gloriously unpredictable listen. Check out the full list below. Bon Appétit! 

Speaking about the new EP, the band commented: “”Blight” is a story of self – destruction spurred by obsessions over the need to progress and evolve. A compulsive search for catharsis that results in explosive annihilation throughout the record. “Blight ” is permeated with paranoia, disconnection from reality, self – harm, and decay.”

“It’s inspired by an amalgamation of our experiences, and witnessing the physical and mental deterioration of ourselves and our loved ones.”

Stay Inside fuse screamo brutality with post-punk elegance, suggesting an alternate history where Interpol recorded Turn on the Bright Lights with the guy from seminal screamo band Saetia still on drums.” – Pitchfork

Stay Inside’s sound harkens back to the late-’90s moment when emo and hardcore still shared a whole lot of DNA.” – Stereogum

“…big, clean, soaring songs that sound like the past three decades of emo chewed up and spit back out in a way that’s familiar but fresh. They’re clearly pulling from the sounds of emo’s underground, but they play and sing like they want to be the biggest band in the world.” – BrooklynVegan

“…one of the most intriguing, enigmatic emo bands to emerge in some time: colliding the dynamism of the genre’s past with lyrical insights that are both poetic and poignant.” – Rock Sound

Top NYC artists, by STAY INSIDE: 

beach fossils

Brynn: This band is like an old friend that is always there for you. their songs feel like they embody whole seasons as well as specific moments you had with friends. i will be listening to their records for the rest of my life.


Chris L: working backwards from watching late 2000s boston-area bands like districts (lessener) and l’antietam, i eventually found myself at THE source. for me “the sweetness and the light” is one of the most perfect songs to exist; those last thirty seconds could rouse the dead

mobb deep

Chris J: Hard for me to imagine ever feeling the same way about an album like i do about the infamous. every beat on that record is terrifying and jazzy and gives me chills. some of the hardest hitting music ever and absolutely oozes nyc.

murder pact

Brynn: This is the best new band period. I caught them live when we played a show together and it felt like the first time i heard hella and death grips. Incredible stuff.

good looking friends

Chris L: This band and its members have played many roles in my life, not least of which is being a go-to listen – you come up from each song feeling as though you’ve just finished a good book or summited an epic hike. some of my most treasured memories in new york are tied inextricably to good looking friends and soundtracked with “gritty bed-stuy,” by now and oldie but a goodie, too. Also, everyone in this band is gorgeous.


Brynn: Rarely does a band so tenaciously and rabidly chase one specific feeling. for over 40 years, this project has been chasing the experience of actual ritualistic existential awe. and if you’ve ever been to one of their shows, they’ve made it a science.


Chris J: probably my most listened to band of all time. first two albums are both absolutely perfect. still somehow surprises me that paul banks is a human person.

oneohtrix point never

Brynn: Experimental music is usually a misnomer. but opn actually seems to take a scientific approach to his creative output. approaching an idea with enthusiasm and then altering and refining until you’ve created something truly new, unique and influential and then moving on to a completely new hypothesis. one of the most impressive oeuvres of the last couple decades.

show me the body

Chris J: Flat out the coolest punk band in the city for the past handful of years. it’s hard to find anyone this intense while staying so creative. live shows and recordings are both insane.


Brynn: I moved to the city the same year liturgy put out their first record. they may have been the first show i saw after i got here, right across the street from my apartment at the, now defunct, acheron. they were one of two bands to make me realize i loved metal, and they’re still the most innovative bands out there.

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