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From Slayer, to Botch and Cult Leader – top inspirations behind the new work from SUFFOCATER

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Fresh off the release of their recent ripper “Rotting Existence”, Salt Lake based metallized hardcore band SUFFOCATER are back to our pages with a special rundown of their top 10 albums that inspired their newest full length.

Check out the recipe for one of the heaviest blends of hardcore and metal vocals released this year below.

Rotting Existence was released 7/2/22 on all digital platforms and a cassette tape version will be released 7/23/22 on Stay Away Records.

Top 10 albums that inspired SUFFOCATER’s new album Rotting Existence, according to vocalist / guitarist Josh Recker.

Slayer – Diabolus in Musica

This for some reason has always been my goto Slayer album. Not a favorite by many but I fucking love it. I was about 13 when I bought this on compact disc and have been hooked since. The slower sludgier songs were a big influence on many songs on Rotting Existence.

Acid Bath – When the Kite Strings Pop

This was a huge album in my hometown of Rock Springs, Wyoming for some reason. I swear everyone in junior high was jamming this on their non-skip discman. Naturally I checked it out and was blown away. Dark and heavy as fuck. Super influential album all around.

Eyehategod – Dopesick

I’ve always resonated with these sludge masters. Most people probably like Take as Needed for Pain better which is fucking great, but I always seemed to jam this one more. Super important due its heavy chaotic song structures. Songs like Wither and Left to Rot were definitely influenced by this album.

Genocide Pact – Order of Torment

Pain Reprisal is probably my goto pissed off song. The satisfaction I get after the solo comes in always seems to help me chill out a bit. The album as a whole inspired most of the metal sounds we’ve taken on thus far. Their latest album is killer also but had to go with this one first.

Coalesce – Gave Them Rope

This one is pretty self explanatory. Hardcore and metal done extremely well. Another album I always throw on after a shitty day. This type of hardcore is what I strived for when I started the band.

Botch – Unifying Themes Redux

A compilation of early songs and other shit. I love every botch album but the simple song structures on this album are killer. Songs like Closure, God vs. Science, and Contraction inspired many Suffocater songs on the new album.

Gatecreeper – Sonoran Depravation

Vocalwise Gatecreeper has always been a huge influence. Starting the band they definitely inspired me to do a more brutal growl. The riffs and song structures on this album are just insane. Definitely one of my favorite metal albums.

Dying Wish – Fragments of a Bitter Memory

This album came out just last year but holy shit has it made a mark on me. Love the vocals, song structures, and lyric content. It has the perfect mix of metal and hardcore. Songs like Enemies in Red, Now You’ll Rot, and Hollowed by Affliction have inspired a plethora of songs on Rotting Existence and future songs yet to be released.

Cult Leader – A Patient Man

Being an SLC band this is obviously a very important album. Even if we weren’t though, I’d still rock the fuck out to every album by this band. Insane drumming, heavy atmospheric guitar riffs, and chaotic vocals. Wes Johnson, who we record with is also a close friend and has does sound for them on tour.

Yashira – Fail To Be

Such a heavy unique album. Another album that the vocals are outstanding and what I strive to achieve. Complete banger of an album that proves new and upcoming metal is still very exciting without having to follow the same exact formula.

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