FULL OF HELL by @reidhaithcock
FULL OF HELL by @reidhaithcock
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FULL OF HELL release new double LP comprised of the first two full length albums

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Roots of Earth and Rudiments of Mutilation, the double LP comprised of the first two full length albums from FULL OF HELL, represents a decade coming full circle and a retrospective project at a meeting point on a long road.

Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home was originally released in 2011 as the debut LP from the band on A389 Records, and presented them at their most embryonic stage, pulling from many corners of extreme music while discovering a core sound that is still recognizable in one form or another to this day. 2013 saw it’s follow up, Rudiments of Mutilation: the next evolutionary step in the Full of Hell sound, now seeking to forge one cohesive wall of sound, rather than a collection disparate songs.

The band commented:

Full of Hell has been a band for over a decade. When we started this band, we never guessed that we’d be able to accomplish any of the things we’ve been able to do, and a lot of that was due to A389 Records taking a shot and believing in us early on, releasing our first two LPs, “Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home” and “Rudiments of Mutilation”. Dom (A389) was a constant pusher for our band and gave us guidance anytime we needed it. Late last year, he allowed us to take over and repress these ourselves, and we are now able to announce a long time goal – our first self release, which is taking the form of a deluxe DLP/2CD reissue of both albums together, featuring brand new artwork by @gentlemercies . We have been working towards something like this for years, and we are excited to offer music to you directly from us. Preorder is live now at our bandcamp. This is FOH-001. Thank you all!

This deluxe reissue marks the first release to come directly from the band, and most definitely not the last. Housed in a 350gsm cardstock gatefold LP jacket on 160 gram vinyl and featuring mesmerizing artwork by Brian Uhl (Gentle Mercies) that dives deeply into the lyrical themes from both records and distills them into a meticulous and psychedelic landscape. The gatefold also contains a collage of moments from years 1-10 of the band’s travels and an insert featuring all original artwork for both records.

Grab a copy via Evil Greed or the band’s Bigcartel,

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