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FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER talks their reunion

FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER recently sat down with AMP Magazine to answer some questions about the reunion and first album since 2004′ “Hide Nothing”.

Did the idea for finally doing a new record come immediately out of that 2005 reunion show or was it brought later?

The first reunion show happened when Further was still an active band with (Jon) Bunch singing. The show was fun and the rehearsals were a blast, but it didn’t occur, to me at least, to do any new music with the guys. They had a singer and were making great music. I was happy enough to be a fan and to get a chance to do a single show for old time’s sake. It was much later that we began to discuss new music. The record really just grew out of us hanging out as friends. We all play music for fun and when we hang out we grab guitars. Eventually the fooling around on guitar began to take root as new music. We never really made a decision to do or not to do a record. We just have more fun making music than say, fishing, or something like that.

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