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Rock Shorts of the week of February 19th

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This week’s alt rock lineup is just the tip of the iceberg, diving deeper into a sea of musical variety that spans progressive rock, shoegaze, and a gamut of sounds that get heavier and slower, embracing a wide spectrum of styles.  Browse below!

San Diego’s own shoegaze duo, BLOSSOM, unveils their latest video for the single “Warm Stay,” a preview of their upcoming EP, Florecer.

Scheduled for release on March 18th via Really Rad Records and produced by Nick Bassett of Whirr, the EP promises a deep dive into the emotive realms of shoegaze and slowcore. With a sound that resonates with fans of Whirr, Glare, and Fleshwater, BLOSSOM is quickly making waves in the shoegaze scene, especially with their upcoming performance at the House of Blues in San Diego alongside alt-pop sensation, Slater.

Comprising Mateo Ruiz on songwriting and guitar, alongside guitarist Love, BLOSSOM debuted with their EP *Reflections* in their early high school years. Their music, characterized by heavy, dreamy tones and a nod to the shoegaze classics while maintaining a modern edge, captures the essence of longing and the complexities of young love.

Wax Donut Records is set to release “Wax Donut Presents: Goat,” a tribute to The Jesus Lizard’s pivotal album, on March 15th.

The compilation features punk, noise rock, and jazz acts from the US and Europe, including notable covers by Wipes and Trigger Cut, which have premiered on No Echo. Mastered by Steve Glaze at Tonefreq and adorned with artwork by Dirk Spece, the album reimagines a classic with a modern twist.

The tribute LP “Wax Donut Presents: Goat” brings a fresh perspective to The Jesus Lizard’s “Goat,” an album unanimously revered across punk and rock circles since 1991. Showcasing a spectrum of artists, from Neon Kittens to Prosthetic Bung, the record celebrates the original’s enduring influence. As Wipes’ Ray Gurz and Trigger Cut’s Ralph Schaarschmidt share their unique takes on “Seasick” and “Mouth Breather,” respectively, listeners are invited to experience the album’s raw energy anew.

LA ELITE has dropped a synth punk grenade with their latest single “Vida de 1€”.

Their sound, an audacious blend of synth-pop and punk, carves a niche in the music scene with a nod to their roots in Lleida. No stranger to the live circuit, they are geared up to storm stages in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Zaragoza with their “Apretaditos Tour 2024”, with tickets teasingly priced at the titular one euro. True to punk’s disruptive spirit, this quartet’s raucous energy and synthesizer-infused tracks have earned them a ‘sold out’ stamp across the board, challenging the mainstream’s status quo without begging for the spotlight.

THE FEVER HAVE unveils their latest album, “Moonbow,” slated for release on March 29th.

Delving into realms of classic shoegaze and dream-pop, the band’s signature fuzz textures intertwine with layers of synthesizers and drum machines, creating an ethereal soundscape that elevates Jackie’s poignant songwriting to new heights.

Partnering with Graveface Records for the album’s release marks a significant milestone for the band, as they venture into vinyl and cassette territory alongside digital distribution.

Philadelphia’s TIMELOST returns with their latest album “Drained,” released on February 23, 2024, under Church Road Records.

Embracing influences from grunge, shoegaze, garage rock, and alternative flavors, the album bursts with quirky melodies and uplifting tunes reminiscent of bands like Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, and Dinosaur Jr.

PURRS unleashes their debut album *Goodbye Black Dog*, available for streaming and digital download via A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records.

Scheduled to ship around February 23, 2024, the album features nine tracks including the highlighted “Serotonin,” “Badlands,” and “Overwhelmed Together,” showcasing the band’s blend of alternative, indie rock, and noise rock.

The album is produced and mixed by Oil Simpson, recorded at Cryogene Studio & Mana Studio, with mastering by Nils Borowski at Studio 481. Available formats include a limited edition white vinyl (300 copies) priced at €20 EUR, a CD Digipack at €15 EUR, and a digital album at €9 EUR. Purrs, comprising Elliot, Charly, Guillaume, and Yassine, delivers a narrative-rich project rooted in personal and societal themes, from mental health to the dynamics of human relationships, encapsulated in a sound that echoes influences from Idles to Shame.

Berlin-based indie rockers LOBSTERBOMB drop their take on Robyn’s anthemic “Dancing On My Own”.

Known for their gritty, grab-the-moment ethos, LOBSTERBOMB infuses the track with their signature fun, fast-paced, and unpolished vigor. Following their debut album LOOK OUT, this cover signals LOBSTERBOMB’s knack for blending the raw with the danceable, a nod to both the times and the timeless.

Released under Duchess Box Records.

The Punk Rock MBA delves into the turbulent waters of nu-metal’s past with a fresh video, “Why Everyone HATED Nu-Metal (sad but true).”

This exploration cuts through the noise to unearth the REAL reasons behind the genre’s controversial reception. From Korn’s groundbreaking debut in 1994 to the peak of bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and Slipknot, nu-metal simultaneously captivated and divided the music world. At its zenith, nu-metal was ridiculed for its departure from traditional metal virtues, blending with hip-hop, and its perceived appeal to the ‘white trash’ demographic or ‘frat boys,’ depending on who you asked.

The video, edited by Tim Gilli, unpacks the social dynamics at play, from the perceived betrayal of metal’s virtuosity to the classist undertones that fueled much of the media’s disdain. Yet, as nu-metal’s stars wore their influences on their oversized sleeves, they also highlighted the rigidity and conformity within metal culture itself. The Punk Rock MBA suggests that the backlash against nu-metal reveals more about the insecurities and prejudices of its critics than about the genre itself.

Despite the hate, nu-metal carved its own indelible niche, proving that rebellion can take many forms, even if it means ditching guitar solos for groovier riffs or embracing rap-rock hybrids. The genre’s legacy, complex and misunderstood, serves as a case study in musical evolution and societal pushback, proving that sometimes, the most significant movements are those that dare to disrupt the status quo.

GLIMMER, one of our favorite voicees in modern shoegazing, grungy emo alt-rock scene, unveils their dual single release, “BURIED/DAYDREAM” out now.

Crafted in the capable hands of Jeff Berner for recording and mixing, and given the final polish by masterer Will Yip, GLIMMER is set to resonate with you instantly.

Recorded in Brooklyn and mastered by Will Yip, these tracks blend fuzzed-out guitars with explosive choruses and reverb-soaked melodies reminiscent of ’90s titans like Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine. With influences from modern acts like Nothing and Narrow Head, Glimmer’s sound merges grunge, shoegaze, and hook-driven college rock.

Spaniards TERRIBLE IDEA COMPANY unveils their debut album “CELEBRATE,” featuring 8 tracks spanning from folk-rock to alt-americana with a post-hardcore edge.

Influenced by bands like City and Colour, Queens of the Stone Age, All Them Witches, and Murder by Death, the album delves into themes of loss, love, and capitalism’s anxiety. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Juan Blas at Westline Studios, with “Extra No God” mixed by Rafa Camisón at Estudio74 and mastered by Juan Roldón at Vacuum Mastering.

CHATTE ROYAL, the Belgian ensemble known for their intricate blend of post rock infused instrumental and math rock unveiled “Zio Nervoso,” a new single from their highly anticipated album.

With a history of captivating audiences through their EPs in 2020 and 2022, the band is set to elevate their sonic exploration with the debut full-length album “Mick Torres Plays Too F***ing Loud,” slated for release on March 8th by Kapitän Platte.

“Zio Nervoso” emerges as the second single from the album, showcasing CHATTE ROYAL’s signature fusion of atmospheric and aggressive math-rock alongside melodic post-rock, all infused with a punk ethos. The quartet, known for their cinematic approach to music—akin to a film stripped of its visuals—employs powerful riffs and impactful rhythms to narrate their musical tales. Diego Di Vito, primarily responsible for the album’s songwriting, brings his experience as a guitarist from the cinematic-post-rock band We Stood Like Kings to the fore, ensuring a rich, layered experience.

Frank Turner’s latest single ‘Girl From The Record Shop’ strikes a chord with nostalgic harmonies, echoing the tender tumult of teenage dreams and rock’n’roll romance.

It’s the latest glimpse into ‘Undefeated’, Turner’s forthcoming album set to release on May 3, which marks his bold step into the realm of independent artistry after a decade-long dance with major labels.

In conversation with NME, Turner reflects on the track as a near-fantastical musing from his youth. Record shops, in his view, were more than just retail spaces—they were sanctuaries of discovery and social hubs where friendships were forged among the racks. These places, exemplified by his experiences at Selectadisc in Soho, hold a poignant place in his journey, intertwined with the innocence of unspoken crushes and the fervor of musical exploration.

DEAD RITUALS’ latest foray into the sonic wilderness, “Waste My Time,” serves as a raw, unadulterated testament to the enduring allure of post-punk fused with the ethereal layers of shoegaze.

Released amidst the digital ether on February 23, 2024, this track is a visceral exploration of existential ennui, articulated through Andrea Caccese’s singular vision and sonic craftsmanship. The song, a succinct anthem clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, delves deep into the psyche of its creator, laying bare a struggle with the specters of uncertainty and the search for a semblance of home amidst the chaos.

ATOMIC LIFE, a supergroup hailing from the hardcore heartland of New York, has released their debut single “Hit Me First,” signaling the arrival of an electrifying new presence in the alternative rock scene.

Comprising veteran musicians including the renowned drummer Billy Rymer (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ho9909, Thoughtcrimes), guitarist Cody Hosza (Glassjaw), and bassist Michael Sadis (NK, The Rivalry), Atomic Life is poised to shake up the indie rock world. The addition of Adea Frances, a versatile performance artist with potent vocals and evocative lyrics, rounds out this dynamic quartet.

“Hit Me First” showcases the band’s ability to meld frenetic energy with catchy hooks, as Adea Francis navigates the complexities of dark desires with her compelling vocal delivery. The band has also announced their first official performance alongside the Bang Gamblers, set for late March, where they will bring their high-octane tracks to life on stage.

From the heart of Sevilla emerges BE RIGHT BACK, a band that’s carving its name into the alternative rock scene with an eclectic blend that’s as diverse as it is captivating.

Closing out 2023 in a crescendo, Be Right Back wrapped up recording their debut album, “Despite everything, it’s still you,” at Sputnik Studios. Under the aegis of producer Pablo Carrillo, the album dropped on the 16th of February, 2024, offering a rich blend of sound that deftly weaves through alternative rock, indie, with hints of post-hardcore, math rock, and grunge.

KINGS OF LEON announced a UK and Ireland tour in support of their new album ‘CAN WE PLEASE HAVE FUN,’ kicking off in Leeds on June 20th and culminating with a headlining slot at BST Hyde Park on June 30th.

The tour includes nine cities and features special guests Paolo Nutini and The Vaccines at the Hyde Park show. Tickets go on sale starting March 1st, with the Hyde Park tickets available on February 28th. The album promises a blend of classic hits and fresh tracks, reflecting the band’s strong bond and creative energy. Hear a teaser below.

MORNIFLE, the Annecy-based power trio born in 2017, unveils new music video for “Coupure,” a standout track from their new EP, “Egratinures.”

Emerging from a rich pedigree of members who have honed their skills in bands like Human Side, Saoni Ma, Komodo Experience, and We are the incredible noise…, MORNIFLE delivers a sonic blend that’s as immersive as it is intense. Their music, a complex tapestry of Noise, Hardcore, and Metal with a progressive twist, dives into dark, noisy realms underscored by dissonant guitars and a solid bass-drums foundation.

BAYSIDE share new sing, hitting the road for “The Worse Things Than Being Alive Tour” with a stellar lineup including special guests FINCH, ARMOR FOR SLEEP, and WINONA FIGHTER.

The tour is set to kick off on April 3rd in Pittsburgh and will cover various cities across the United States, including stops at iconic venues like the House of Blues and The Fillmore.

Alongside the tour announcement, BAYSIDE has released a new single, “The Devils,” adding to their robust discography with fresh material.


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REAL ESTATE just dropped their sixth album, “Daniel,” and it’s a blend of nostalgia and new perspectives, recorded over nine vibrant days at Nashville’s iconic RCA Studio A.

Produced by Daniel Tashian, known for his work with Kacey Musgraves, this album marries the band’s early sense of wonder with a mature view on life. The tracklist features 11 catchy tunes, each showcasing the band’s evolution.

The title “Daniel” came about almost as a joke among the band members, possibly a nod to both Tashian and the playful spirit of naming albums after people, like The Replacements’ “Tim.” It’s a sign of a band that’s grown comfortable in its skin, focusing on the music while keeping the atmosphere light.

Released on February 23, 2024, by Domino Recording Co Ltd, “Daniel” is available for streaming and download, plus you can grab it on black vinyl or CD, complete with an 8-page booklet.

Tokyo’s own KIRYE, a band that’s carving out its niche within the post-rock and math rock senses, is back with their second EP.

Their unique sound, a fusion of intricate technical prowess and melodic sensibilities, sets them apart in a scene saturated with the conventional. While their tracks might diverge from the usual fare on IDIOTEQ, songs like “X Age” and “酔 (yoi)” showcase kirye’s ability to blend complex riff noodles with the essence of alt-rock, promising a cerebral journey for listeners.

GRAVE SECRETS a 4-piece band hailing from Los Angeles, CA, recently dropped a new single showcasing their more rock-oriented sound and lighter side.

With its pleasant flow, driving rhythms, and emotive soul, the track offers a refreshing glimpse into the band’s sound.

Formed in 2020, Grave Secrets boasts members deeply rooted in the LA music scene, each with a profound passion for their craft. Emerging from the LA Hardcore scene, the band seamlessly blends heavy, melodic, and punk elements into their music, creating a distinctive sound that will get you hooked instantly.

Rochester, NY-based CARPOOL, recently signed to SideOneDummy Records, is gearing up for the release of their debut album “My Life In Subtitles” on March 22nd, 2024.

Ahead of this highly anticipated release, they’ve dropped their latest single, “No News Is Good News,” following the success of their previous track “Open Container Blues,” featuring Bri Wright of CLIFFDIVER.

In “No News Is Good News,” the band delves into the complexities of everyday life, drawing inspiration from Western New York winters, night terrors, and the simple act of drinking. Guitarist/vocalist Stoph Colasanto reflects on the significance of seemingly trivial choices and the impact they can have on one’s life.

With their unique blend of math rock guitars, high-octane punk energy, and catchy emo melodies, Carpool delivers an undeniable collection of anthemic tracks that resonate with audiences across genres. Their upcoming album promises a mix of careless fun and existential introspection, exploring themes of growing up, making mistakes, and navigating life’s uncertainties.

REECE YOUNG, the latest addition to the UNFD roster, just dropped his new single “LOW.”

It’s a slick mix of pop sensibilities and art rock rebellion, with riffs that dig deep into the chaos of the unknown. Young’s out here trying to be a beacon for anyone wrestling with their own shadows, offering up his tunes as a kind of sonic solace.

THE WONDER YEARS are back with a bang! Their latest anthem, “Year Of The Vulture,” combines soaring guitars with Dan “Soupy” Campbell’s iconic vocals, delivering a perfect blend of pop-punk energy and emotion.

With precision production and their signature sound, The Wonder Years continue to showcase their mastery of the craft. Could this be the start of a massive year for the band? Fans certainly hope so!

UK punky rockers AERIAL SALAD unleash their latest single “Tied To Pieces Of Paper” alongside a vibrant music video, embodying their self-described Madchester Punk style.

The track, part of their upcoming album ‘R.O.I.’ set for release on April 12th via Venn Records, delves into the frustration of balancing creative pursuits with the demands of modern employment. Vocalist/guitarist Jamie Munro’s poignant lyrics capture the struggle, while the dynamic instrumentation drives home the urgency of their message. Recorded at Vibe Recording Studio in Manchester, ‘R.O.I.’ promises a diverse sonic journey, blending post-punk rhythms with anthemic rock influences

CHIEF STATE shares new acoustic emo anthem “Living Out A Lie”.

Vancouver’s own CHIEF STATE are dialing back the distortion to unveil an acoustic side with their upcoming five-track EP.

Frontman Fraser Simpson delves into the song’s theme, addressing feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. The accompanying video, crafted by Lindsey Blane, mirrors this sentiment, leaving the resolution of a pivotal moment uncertain.

The anticipated release, slated for April 2024 through Mutant League Records, is set to showcase a different shade of the band’s sound—more raw, more stripped-down, more personal.

Ahead of the full EP, fans will get a taste of the band’s unplugged potential with “Living Out A Lie,” a single delving into the psyche of pretense and self-questioning. Fraser Simpson, frontman, reveals the single to be a reflection on authenticity, speckled with doubts of self and past relationships. The accompanying music video by Lindsey Blane captures this theme, leaving viewers in a cliffhanger that mirrors life’s unresolved choices.

GEN AND THE DEGENERATES just dropped their electrifying debut album “ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA” today, under Marshall Records.

This album, produced by the legendary ROSS ORTON (known for his work with Arctic Monkeys, Amyl and the Sniffers, Drenge, Gang of Four), is a vibrant exploration of human complexity set against a backdrop of New York punk and post-punk vibes.

Fronted by Genevieve Glynn-Reeves, GEN AND THE DEGENERATES tackle the darkness of human existence with a blend of fun, silliness, and a touch of lightness, making “ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA” not just an album but a movement against the grain. It’s a sonic journey that marries the raucous energy of desert rock with the edgy spirit of New York’s punk scene, all while narrating the chaos of navigating your twenties.

From themes of late nights, gender politics, and the absurdity of online discourse to the pursuit of a simple life and the celebration of queer identity, this album refuses to conform. Tracks like ‘That’s Enough Internet for One Day’ and ‘Post-Cool’ showcase their knack for witty commentary, while ‘Girls’ offers a queer perspective on societal norms.

Hailing from Germany, CARPET blends influences from prog rock, psychedelic music, stoner rock, and jazz to create a unique sonic experience akin to Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist, The Notwist, and The Beatles collaborating in the studio.

Set to release their forthcoming album “Collision” on March 22 via Kapitän Platte, the band unveils their latest video single, “Ghosts.”

“Ghosts” is a heavy, rolling rock anthem propelled by a drum-driven beat, adorned with beautiful harmonies, captivating vocal melodies, and a distinct guitar solo that leaves a lasting impression.

Southwest trio MILKSHED. is set to make waves with their latest single “Mud,” dropping on February 21st, 2024, alongside the announcement of their debut EP slated for release in April.

Drawing inspiration from post-punk rock and grunge, reminiscent of the Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and The Police’s “Message In A Bottle,” vibe, “Mud” delves into themes of isolation and the challenges of starting anew.

Philadelphia’s emo alt-rock trio CARLY COSGROVE has unveiled their latest single, “Jon of Hill”, their version of the BEN QUAD song of the same name.

In addition to their new music release, Carly Cosgrove is set to embark on the Wax Bodega Tour, with venue upgrades in NYC, Chicago, and Cleveland due to high demand.


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MICROWAVE gears up to unleash Let’s Start Degeneracy via Pure Noise Records.

This upcoming album, set for release on April 26, 2024, promises a deep dive into the band’s rock roots, punctuated by their signature blend of introspection and exhilaration.

The album, inspired by a newfound sense of liberation and self-discovery, explores a range of genres from ambient pop to psychedelia. Lead single “Bored of Being Sad” reflects on the band’s journey in the music industry and challenges the romanticization of sadness.

EMERY and THE ALMOST are teaming up for a Spring 2024 tour, joined by Bad Luck, with a special performance of Emery’s album “The Weak’s End” from front to back.

The tour kicks off on March 14th in Augusta, GA at Grantski Records and includes stops in Atlanta, Pensacola, Tampa, Orlando, and more. Additionally, before each show, there will be an acoustic Pre-Show featuring Aaron Gillespie, with Emery playing some of their songs and special covers.

LINKIN PARK has announced the release of a greatest-hits album titled “Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023)” on April 12 via Warner. The LP’s first single, “Friendly Fire,” is a previously unreleased song recorded during the 2017 “One More Light” sessions.

Guitarist Brad Delson described “Friendly Fire” as one of their favorite songs from the “One More Light” sessions, noting its compelling storytelling and powerful vocals. The track was revisited and completed for inclusion on the greatest-hits collection.

The album features 20 tracks, including hits like “In The End” and “Crawling,” as well as rarities like “QWERTY.” Mike Shinoda expressed pride in each song’s contribution to the band’s journey and hopes they resonate with listeners.

LINKIN PARK has been on hiatus since the passing of singer Chester Bennington in 2017. Despite rumors and speculation, there are no plans for new music or live shows from the band. Shinoda emphasized that any future developments will occur naturally and without hype.

The band’s last performance together was a tribute concert to Bennington in October 2017. Since then, there has been no official announcement regarding the band’s future.

Shinoda clarified that while the band is not actively seeking a replacement for Bennington, they remain open to collaborating with other musicians if the opportunity arises naturally.

Bennington’s death was ruled a suicide in July 2017, following struggles with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

The Alberta rock trio ROYAL TUSK unveils ‘Altruistic’, their latest album effort, through MNRK Music Group, accompanied by an introspective documentary titled “Do No Wrong: The Making of Altruistic.”

This release comes not just as a collection of tracks but as a testament to the band’s journey through adversity and the spirit of transformation.

The standout single, “Hated,” encapsulates the essence of the album—a powerful meditation on the possibility of change and redemption, set against a backdrop of driving rhythms and searing guitar work. Frontman Daniel Carriere’s lyrical exploration challenges the notion of irredeemability, advocating for the belief in personal evolution against societal skepticism.

Self-producing ‘Altruistic’ within the confines of Alberta’s Audio Department recording studio, ROYAL TUSK leaned into the local vintage vibe, turning the space into a creative sanctuary amid global upheaval. Their near-year-long writing process was punctuated by Carriere’s harrowing health battle with a lung blood clot, an ordeal that stripped him of his weight and voice but not his resolve.

The album and its creation process narrate a narrative of resilience, a chronicle of the trio’s grappling with uncertainty and the forging of strength in vulnerability.

STARS HOLLOW is gearing up to release their third EP, titled “In The Flowerbed,” on April 5th via Acrobat Unstable.

The band’s latest offering promises to be another introspective journey, filled with anxiety and emotion, as vocalist Tyler Stodghill shares his personal struggles through heartfelt lyricism.

Belgium’s indie darlings, MOONEYE, continue their ascent with their sophomore album, “Come With Me And Hide,” accompanied by the mesmerizing single and video, “Too Fast.”

Following their triumphant debut album, “Big Enough,” and a series of successful singles, the band’s reputation in the indie scene has soared. With a return to their acoustic roots, frontman Michiel Libberecht draws inspiration from American songwriting, infusing elements of folk and country.

The result is a heartfelt album showcasing MOONEYE’s maturity and growth. With the success of the first single, “Lover To Stranger,” and a solo tour supporting Ruben Block, the band gears up for a new tour across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, reaffirming their passion for live performances and connection with fans.

Dead American, the Southern California-based rock quartet, has dropped their latest single “Into Oblivion,” accompanied by a visualizer below.

Vocalist Cove Reber describes the track as a reflection on the challenges of starting anew, likening life to a video game where the reset button brings a realization of its inherent futility. This release follows their previous single “ADD” and sets the stage for their forthcoming sophomore album, produced by Joey Bradford of The Used. With a blend of post-hardcore nostalgia and contemporary rock sensibilities, Dead American continues to captivate audiences and expand their sonic horizons as they gear up for an exciting year ahead of new music and extensive touring in 2024.

HUSBANDRY, the stalwart of NYC’s alternative scene, unleashes their latest single “Drop By Drop” via Static Era Records.

With a decade-long presence and a penchant for dynamic performances, the band dives into a new era dubbed “Husbandry 2.0.” Produced by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Drain), “Drop By Drop” marks the band’s return since their 2019 album “A Port In A Storm.” Embracing a more aggressive post-hardcore style, the track melds technical prowess with raw emotion and metallic fervor. Accompanied by a captivating music video directed by Jamie Puerta, the song delves into themes of breaking cycles and overcoming obstacles. Lead vocalist Carina Zachary’s poignant lyrics echo the struggles of acknowledging personal roles in repetitive patterns.

Aberdeen’s own COLD YEARS gears up to release their forthcoming album, “A Different Life,” set to drop on April 26th, courtesy of MNRK UK.

Leading the charge is the scorching single “Roll With It,” a socially-charged punk rock anthem that hits hard with its infectious chorus and raw energy. Frontman Ross Gordon’s impassioned declaration encapsulates the album’s themes of personal growth and resilience in the face of adversity.

TIGER! SHIT! TIGER! TIGER!, an Italian band from Foligno, has released their third album, “Bloom,” which is streaming in full this week.

The album, available on To Lose La Track Records and Coypu Records, showcases a traditional three-piece setup with Diego Masciotti on guitar/vocals, Giovanna Vedovati on bass, and Nicola Vedovati on drums.

The band has been recognized for its dynamic performances and has shared stages with notable acts such as Mogwai and The Slits. With a history of appearances at South By South West, TIGER! SHIT! TIGER! TIGER! has built a reputation for their engaging live shows.

“Bloom” is highlighted for its diverse sound that draws from various influences without becoming derivative. With tracks like “Memory” and “Stones,” the album navigates through emo, grunge, and post-punk styles, offering listeners a rich sonic experience. The album artwork, created by Keeley Laures, complements the band’s sound, and the physical release includes a crystal limited edition vinyl.

Steve Conte, famed for his contributions to the New York Dolls and Michael Monroe, unveils details about his upcoming album, ‘The Concrete Jangle,’ slated for release on Record Store Day, April 20th.

Featuring 10 tracks, the album boasts collaborations with XTC’s Andy Partridge, who co-wrote five songs with Conte, including the latest single “Shoot Out The Stars.” Described as a “glorious fusion of soulful Anglo-American rocking power pop,” the track showcases Conte’s prowess and the dynamic synergy between him and Partridge. With a blend of psychedelic elements and rock ‘n roll guitar keys, the song delves into themes of nihilism and teenage rebellion in Hollywood.

The Jesus and Mary Chain unveils their latest single “Girl 71,” a melodic power-pop anthem tinged with a gritty garage-rock edge, offering a glimpse into their forthcoming album “Glasgow Eyes,” now set for release on March 22nd.

Produced by Jim and William Reid at Mogwai’s Castle of Doom studio, the track showcases Jim Reid’s distinctive vocals complemented by Rachel Conte’s sweet harmonies. While the album’s vinyl production delay has pushed back the release date, anticipation remains high, with various vinyl formats already selling out. The band’s 40th-anniversary headline tour across the UK, Ireland, and Europe, featuring special guests Aircooled and deathcrash, promises to be a celebration of their influential legacy, with additional US tour dates announced, including a performance at Pasadena’s Cruel World on May 11th.

HEAVY TEMPLE unveils the official music video for “Hiraeth,” a standout single from their forthcoming sophomore album, “Garden of Heathens.”

Scheduled for release on April 12, 2024, by Magnetic Eye Records, “Hiraeth” dives into themes of homesickness for a place that either never existed or can’t be returned to.

High Priestess Nighthawk, the band’s singer and bass player, delves into personal territories with “Hiraeth,” addressing deep-seated imposter syndrome and the struggle to reclaim one’s identity. The tracklist for “Garden of Heathens” promises a diverse and dynamic range, reflecting Heavy Temple’s evolved sound and Nighthawk’s introspective lyricism.

The album “Garden of Heathens” marks a significant step for Heavy Temple, showcasing a more sophisticated sound without sacrificing the band’s core heaviness. Produced with a rich and organic sound at Animal Farm studio, the album is poised to captivate listeners with its blend of heavy psychedelic doom, rock, and metal influences.

THE TOXHARDS just dropped their latest track, “Should We Get A Dog?”, blending the eternal debate of pet ownership with their signature blend of rock n’ roll and country twang.

This tune is a nod to the simple joys of love, companionship, and the quirky adventures life throws at us, especially when it includes four-legged friends. Crafted as an ode to Alan Macchiarolo’s partner and the band’s art director, Amanda Remy, this track dives into the heart of what it means to ponder the addition of a furry member to their tour-life family.

Following a fall tour filled with couch-surfing and dog-sitting across the country, “Should We Get A Dog?” emerged from the bittersweet realization that while their nomadic lifestyle might not be the most dog-friendly, the solution could just be to bring the future pup along for the ride. It’s a heartfelt, toe-tapping reflection on balancing the love for the open road with the yearning for a canine companion.

New England’s indie-folk ensemble T!LT is making waves with their latest EP, ‘Death Do Us Part.’

The 8-track collection showcases the band’s daring sonic explorations, from the Americana/bluegrass-infused ‘I Hate My Dream Job’ to the electronically tinged ‘Dust Bunny Symphony.’

The lead single, ‘Castes,’ delves into social stratification, using the caste system as a metaphor for societal divides. With a busy tour across NY, NJ, PA, MA, and CT, T!LT is setting the indie scene alight, blending genres and themes with innovative flair.

THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET, known for their hypnotic and low-key neo-psychedelic tunes, presents “New Drifters,” a collection of their mesmerizing tracks spanning their early career.

Remastered from the original analog tapes, this 5xLP box set includes albums like “The Fun Of Watching Fireworks,” “From Our Living Room To Yours,” and “The Golden Band,” along with bonus tracks, outtakes, and demos. Dive into their hypnotic and low-budget soundscapes that define the Texas sloth-kraut genre below.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric depths of “LE MENHIR” by LE MENHIR, a journey inspired by the elemental forces of nature.

This self-titled album, released on February 23, 2024, showcases the melodic heaviness of post-metal intertwined with the somber themes of doom.

THREE SECOND KISS, the Italian noise-rock power trio, breaks a 12-year silence with the announcement of their new LP, set to drop in 2024 under Overdrive Records.

Their upcoming album, “From Fire I Save the Flame,” represents a departure from their previous sound, a reflection of growth and change over the intervening years. The band, known for their sharp, angular sound and dynamic interplay, shares a bond with Overdrive Records, rooted in mutual respect for direct and impactful music.

With a history that includes seven albums, collaborations with Steve Albini, performances at All Tomorrow’s Parties in the UK, and tours across the US and Europe, THREE SECOND KISS has been a staple in the alternative punk scene since their formation in Bologna in 1993.

MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER, southern heavy metal rockers straight outta Birmingham, Alabama, just dropped the news about their “Cheatin’ on Death Tour.”

They’re teaming up with Letter Kills, who are marking 20 years since “The Bridge,” along with Islander, LIMBS, and Saltwound.

Tickets are up for grabs at via Bands In Town. Don’t snooze, ’cause General Admission hits the streets on Friday, Feb. 23rd, 10 AM Local.

Connecticut’s Ephyra brings a new wave of emo vibes with their latest release “Here and Heaven” by SO BELOW on the ferocious hardcore label.

With tracks like “Careening,” “Heaven-Sent,” and “Sincerely, Yours,” they blend mellow tones with 90s alt-grunge emo, delivering a very cozy experience.

Bristol’s alt-rock outfit POLLYANNA BLUE unveils the music video for their latest anthem, “Strong Enough,” today, February 23rd, 2024.

This release follows their acclaimed debut studio EP “Trials & Tribulations” from 2023, solidifying their presence in the alt-rock scene. Formed in the summer of 2019 by Zoe Collins (guitar and vocals) and Rich Earle (bass and vocals), the band draws its name and ethos from the self-help book “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway,” embracing an optimistic outlook amidst life’s turmoil, a theme that resonates through their 90s/00s alt-rock inspired music.

“Strong Enough,” recorded with Ash Scott (known for his work with Memorist, Harper, Aniimalia), emerges as a powerful declaration of self-assurance and resilience. Zoe Collins, the band’s vocalist and lyricist, crafted the song amidst the pressures of creative work, transforming feelings of doubt into a defiant alt-rock anthem. The newly released music video brings this message to life, blending performance with expressive body movement to depict the struggles and breakthroughs of the creative process.

Gab De La Vega, the folk acoustic punk rock artist, has announced his transformation into a full band with the release of his new album “Life Burns.”

The album is available through labels like SBÄM Records, Sell The Heart Records, Epidemic Records, Motorcity Produzioni, and Overdrive Records. Two full band shows have been confirmed, with more to come, including a release party at Monamì Live Social Space in Montichiari, Italy, on March 9, 2024, and a performance at Lattepiù in Brescia, Italy, on March 22, 2024, with Cara Calma.

The track serves as a poignant plea regarding the climate crisis, blending infectious melody with heartfelt lyrics.

Boston’s iconic rockers, NERVOUS EATERS, make a triumphant return with their latest single, “Vampire,” accompanied by the introspective track “Knockdown Day.”

Lead vocalist Steve Cataldo shares the inspiration behind “Vampire,” painting a vivid picture of a once-vibrant town transformed by otherworldly forces. Meanwhile, guitarist/vocalist Adam Sherman delves into the introspective themes of longing and isolation in “Knockdown Day.”

Nervous Eaters, an original rock and roll band from Boston, MA, emerged as pioneers of the city’s underground garage/punk rock scene in the late ’70s. With a storied history that includes collaborations with industry icons and a resurgence in recent years, the band remains a driving force in the world of rock music. The Nervous Eaters’ enduring legacy in the Boston punk scene is evident in their rich history, which spans decades of influential performances and collaborations.

The current lineup, formed in 2018, features Cataldo alongside seasoned Boston rock veterans Brad Hallen, David McLean, and Adam Sherman. Together, they continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their timeless blend of rock ‘n’ roll energy and punk attitude.

PRIMUS and COHEED AND CAMBRIA are teaming up for a co-headlining US tour this summer!

The 25-date trek, starting in July, will feature rotating support from Guerilla Toss, Fishbone, and Too Many Zooz.

The tour kicks off in Redding, California on July 12th and wraps up in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 17th. Along the way, they’ll hit amphitheaters in cities like Idaho Falls, Spokane, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Washington, DC.


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In a musical tapestry weaving rock, post-hardcore, rap, indie, and pop, SPERLING unveils a small masterpiece titled “Menschen wie mir verzeiht man die Welt oder hasst sie,” offering a nuanced exploration of dark, melancholic themes alongside flickering lights of hope.

Praised by MoreCore for their musically familiar yet entirely fresh approach, SPERLING’s album is hailed by Fuze as “hope in times of hopelessness” and described by Visions as an unflinching record delving deep into the psyche.

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he reached out to Noel Gallagher about reuniting Oasis for a tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their iconic album ‘Definitely Maybe’, but Noel declined the offer.

In a recent interview with MOJO, Liam stated that despite putting forward the proposal, Noel turned it down, citing personal reasons. Liam plans to proceed with the tour solo and has expressed uncertainty about a potential reunion for the anniversary of their second album, ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’.

This development follows a history of public exchanges between the brothers regarding the possibility of an Oasis reunion, with Noel previously indicating openness to discussions while accusing Liam of being a “coward.” Despite ongoing speculation, both brothers have pursued their solo careers, with Liam collaborating with Stone Roses guitarist John Squire on an upcoming album.

The Croatian alternative band ŽEN has dropped their third single, “NEDAMISE,” from their upcoming album.

The track, featuring ethereal vocals and a captivating blend of post-punk and shoegaze elements, showcases the band’s unique sound. Written and arranged by Eva Badanjak, the song delivers introspective lyrics translated into English, expressing a sentiment of resistance and the desire for rest.

Canadian alternative rock artist GOLDRIDGE unveils his debut EP, “LEAVE BEHIND THE DARKNESS,” a collaboration with Sam Arion of Mute Choir.

The EP features a high-energy hard rock sound with edgy riffs, upbeat drums, and melodic synths. Mixed by Ryan Worsley at Echoplant Studios in Vancouver, the lead single “BURNOUT” encapsulates themes of resilience and perseverance. GOLDRIDGE’s music blends elements of rock, hip hop, and electronic genres to convey stories of overcoming daily challenges.

Norwegian stoner-punk outfit BOKASSA has unveiled a new music video for their track “Bradford Death Squadron,” lifted from their latest album “All Out Of Dreams,” released via Indie Records on February 16th.

Featuring a guest appearance by Aaron Beam of Red Fang, the single blends riff-heavy grooves with stoner metal vibes, promising an electrifying experience for live performances.

Known for their dynamic fusion of punk rock, hardcore, stoner rock, and metal, BOKASSA has garnered acclaim since their formation in 2013. With three albums, numerous EPs, and performances at prestigious festivals like Hellfest, Wacken, and Download, as well as tours alongside heavyweights like Metallica and Mastodon, the Norwegian power trio continues to solidify their position as a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene.

FROM FALL TO SPRING releases “CAST AWAY,” blending rock, metal, and rap into a melodious and powerful mix.

The track, accompanied by a visually striking video, explores themes of frustration and redemption.

L.A. punk rock veterans THE STREETWALKIN’ CHEETAHS join the rock & roll roster at Heavy Medication Records with their upcoming release, “Call The Dogs.”

This 10″ black vinyl EP delivers four high-octane tracks of Detroit-style punk sleaze infused with power pop harmonies, hard rock riffs, and a touch of honkin’ sax. The EP, set to slap listeners in the face with sonic fidelity, is available for pre-order now and hits the streets on March 15, 2024.

Lauren Records is currently spotlighting the latest mellow indie rock vibes with “The Knife” by DOGS ON SHADY LANE.

Hailing from the creative depths of Providence, Rhode Island, and now echoing through the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York, this ensemble brings a fresh fusion of fuzz folk and slow-core to the indie scene. With their sound drawing inspiration from the likes of Big Thief & Sylvan Esso, they’re serving up a sonic feast for fans of Faye Webster and Boy Genius.

REMO DRIVE is set to drop their fourth album, “Mercy,” on February 23 via Epitaph Records.

Produced by Phil Ek, known for his work with The Shins and Band of Horses, the album promises a return to the band’s youthful energy and fun. Featuring singles like “No, There’s No Hope For You” and “New in Town,” the album’s title track, inspired by a Nick Cave interview, comes with a visually captivating video directed by Sydney Ostrander. The band will hit the road with Wilt in March and April, including a show at Brooklyn Made on April 9.

TheCityIsOurs has unveiled the powerful new single “In the Dark,” accompanied by a poignant music video that delves into the struggles of self-acceptance and societal pressure.

Following the emotional narrative of their previous release “Shame,” the track blends impactful melodies with introspective lyrics, providing a beacon of solidarity for those facing similar challenges. Lead singer Oli Duncanson opens up about the song’s theme, reflecting on the internal battle of hiding one’s true self to meet societal expectations.

Pop rockers LETDOWN returns with their latest single, “Hate Myself,” accompanied by a poignant music video directed by Max Moore.

The track delves into themes of self-loathing and the desire to break free from life’s monotony. Following the success of last year’s hits and tours, Letdown. gears up for their debut album, building anticipation with each release. Frontman Blake Coddington’s journey from pandemic project to established artist reflects the band’s evolution and growing presence in the music scene. With a passionate fanbase and millions of streams, Letdown. continues to make waves with their emotionally charged pop rock anthems.

Kai Mark, the musical project of Bryan Louie (known for The Twin and Joshua Fit For Battle), unveils the poignant Doll EP today via Mind Over Matter Records.

The four tracks delve into themes of catharsis and introspection, inspired by complex relationships that ultimately ended. Recorded during the frigid winter of 2019-2020 in Brooklyn with engineer Jon Tehel, Doll was initially meant as a personal outlet for Louie’s emotions but evolved into a shared experience with listeners. The EP’s physical release on a limited edition 7″ record features striking artwork, echoing the raw honesty of the music.

The video for lead single “My Sweet Bird,” directed by David Norbut, captures the emotional depth and intensity of the song’s confessional lyrics. With Doll, Kai Mark offers a visceral journey through love, loss, and redemption, inviting listeners to find solace in its haunting melodies and honest storytelling.

Sketchbook by ONELINEDRAWING is a comprehensive collection of songs from Jonah Matranga’s early solo years, spanning from 1999 to 2001.

This album features a diverse array of tracks, including originals and renditions of songs by artists like 7 Seconds and Jawbox. The LP pays tribute to the late Jon Bunch of Sensefield and Further Seems Forever with a split release.

The album captures the essence of Jonah Matranga’s deeply personal songwriting and intimate performance style, showcasing his ability to connect with audiences on a profound level. From heartfelt ballads to energetic anthems, Sketchbook offers a glimpse into the formative years of Jonah’s solo journey.

In addition to the remastered tracks, the album includes liner notes and a zine by Norman Brannon, providing insight into the creative process and influences behind the music. The collaborative nature of the project is evident, with contributions from notable musicians such as Walter Schreifels, Ian Love, Sammy Siegler, and Allyson Seconds.

Sketchbook serves as both a time capsule and a thank-you letter to fans and the music community, celebrating the vitality and enduring impact of Jonah Matranga’s artistry. With its raw honesty and genuine emotion, this album reaffirms Jonah’s status as a pioneering figure in the underground music scene.

Slow Down Records presents the final collected discography of the Norwegian emo band YOU COULD BE A COP with the release of “SDR-28 You Could Be a Cop – Collected Discography (2024).”

Limited to 50 tapes, each hand-numbered and featuring full case artwork print, this release encapsulates the band’s sonic journey. Including singles released from 2019 to 2023, tracks from their self-titled EP, and previously unreleased demos recorded between 2003 and 2005, the album showcases their evolution.

With Morten on drums, electric guitar, vocals, and electronica, Marius on bass guitar, and guest vocalists Natalie Evans, Tonje Tafjord, Anders Kojen, and Linn Frøkedal, the album offers a blend of introspective lyrics and emotive melodies.

ANCIENT TEETH has released a new single titled “Down A Hole,” offering a nod to lazy 90’s indie rock with toned-down jangly guitars and a baked-out drum groove.

This single follows their previous release, ‘Sacrifice’, and both are part of the upcoming sophomore album ‘HUMANIZER’, set to release on March 8th. The album is described as crystallized around a perception of universal oneness experienced by Adrian Mottram during the pandemic, featuring an array of guest appearances including Chris Hughes, Trish Robb, and even Mottram’s parents.

Ancient Teeth’s music, categorized as ‘Dream Noise’, seamlessly blends fuzzed-out guitars with lush vocals, evolving from heavy punk rock to atmospheric acoustic murals.

HUNGOVER, the Orlando-based pop-rock band, has unleashed their latest album, “When It Touches the Heart, Everything Resolves,” featuring eleven new tracks.

Vocalist Marc Cortes describes the album as an evolution of their pop-forward rock sound, exploring new sonic textures while maintaining the dynamic energy that defines Hungover. Having honed their craft in the Orlando music scene, Hungover brings a mix of vigor, cleverness, and raw emotion to their music, shaping rooms and atmospheres with their dynamic sound.

NIGHT WINDOWS has unveiled their new album, “In Memories,” marking a significant leap forward for the Philly-based indie-rock trio.

Laden with introspective lyrics about growth, grief, and the nuances of life, the album resonates like a personal journal with its own pulse. Each track reflects a different emotion, creating a tapestry of experiences that captivate the listener. The band’s evolution is evident in the full band arrangements and solo-born experiments, showcasing their dynamic range and songwriting prowess.

Fans of bands like Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, and The Weakerthans will find much to love in Night Windows’ latest offering.

Finnish heavy psych juggernaut CRANEIUM has unleashed their fourth studio album, “Point of No Return.”

Representing their most ambitious work to date, the album envelops listeners in a torrent of fuzzy heaviness intertwined with psychedelic melodies and ethereal passages. Recorded by Joona Hassinen at Studio Underjord in Finspång, Sweden, and expertly mixed and mastered by the renowned Karl Daniel Lidén (Studio Gröndahl), known for his work with bands like Lowrider and Greenleaf, “Point of No Return” sees Craneium further expanding their sonic palette with atmospheric guitar leads and thunderous riffing.

Lyrically, the album delves into themes of climate catastrophe and humanity’s responsibility toward planet Earth.

The Rocky Valentines, led by singer Charles Martin, son of Starflyer 59’s Jason Martin, are set to release their debut album, “Erase,” on March 29 via Tooth & Nail Records.

Mixed by Bob Hoag and mastered by Jason Livermore, the album features artwork by Jake Quintanar. Their latest single, “Sing the Song,” reflects Martin’s introspection as he turns 20, showcasing a blend of classic rock influences with modern alternative sounds.

Fame On Fire drops their latest single “Nightmare (The Devil),” offering a venomous taste of their forthcoming work.

The song delves into the darker aspects of living one’s dreams, highlighting feelings of entrapment and loss of identity amidst success. Produced by Erik Ron, the track marks a significant step in their creative journey. With over 300 million streams and recent success on the charts, the Palm Beach, Florida-based band continues to defy genre boundaries, blending rock, hip-hop, and heavy music.

Broken Hearts Are Blue announced the forthcoming release of their third full-length album, “Meeting Themselves,” set to debut on March 1 via Council Records.

The album’s second single paints a mordant picture of a doomsday anthem, where romance gives way to a beach-set dance party on humanity’s final night.

Accompanied by a beautifully rendered video by Leo Buettner, the track explores themes of pleasure-seeking amidst impending ruin, all with a charm that harkens back to the band’s earlier days. Since their inception in 1995, Broken Hearts Are Blue have defied consistency, crafting a catalog that traverses various styles, tempos, and emotional textures.

Following a hiatus, the band regrouped in 2018 and continued to evolve their sound, culminating in their latest offering recorded at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone studio in Oakland. With Meric Long of The Dodos as engineer and producer, and contributions from Bay Area multi-instrumentalists Yea-Ming Chen and Anna Hillburg, “Meeting Themselves” promises to be a testament to the band’s enduring creativity and exploration of the rock and roll form.

Shore Dive Records, an independent label from Brighton, UK, specializing in a variety of unique sounds ranging from shoegaze to dreampop and post-punk, has released a new EP by Vanishing Muffins.

The Jakarta-based band, appealing to fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Black Tambourine, presents a fresh lineup for this EP, with Bayu Silalahi on vocals and guitar, Ericko Pandu on guitar, Vito Said on bass, and Aqiq Dhia on drums.

The new EP titled “Central” includes tracks like “Honey, I Promise” and “Acid Lover,” offering listeners a blend of nostalgic tones and dreamy soundscapes.

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