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Fuzzy experimental rockers LINGUA NADA premiere new sick music video!

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This week’s artist’s spotlight focuses on IDIOTEQ-featured, math and fuzz infused experimental rockers LINGUA NADA, who are finally about to to release their debut record ‘Snuff‘ on two amazing labels Kapitän Platte & Dog Knights Productions in March. Recorded by Adam Lenox Jr and Magnus Wichmann at Das Laboratorium Studio in Leipzig., produced, mixed and mastered by Adam Lenox and Magnus Wichmann at the Lala Studio in Leipzig, the record has just received a kick ass teaser – a new single and music video called “Level 100”. Directed by Nicolai Hildebrandt assisted by Konrad “Knegge”, the video can be watched above. Another new track called ‘Spit’ can be streamed below.

The band has been staying busy, playing a bunch of shows in 2017 and ‘Snuff‘ marks their new beginning. On their new record, the genre-bending hybrid experts bring in a typically unusual mixture of various progressive styles, full of twists and turns, incorporating elements from rock, indie, math rock, garage, noise, fuzz rock and post hardcore. With this new full length, dipping their toes in some wicked creative writing and a more crazy live shows in 2018, I’m truly excited for what comes from LINGUA NADA in the future. Taste it right here, play a game, and

Here’s the story how they got hooked by the amazing Dog Knights label:

We once played a show in Germany with a band freshly signed on Dog Knights, Pipe Dream and this cool two piece Bayoné and Darren (Dog Knights Productions) was on tour with them.

It´s one of these evening that I remember very well, the Brits were really really nice, that cool cat Olli that we knew for a year or two and his friend Mikey had put on the show in this really nice venue and the bass player of Pipe Dream was wearing the most beautiful tye dye I´ve ever seen and had the smallest bass amp I’ve ever seen in a rock band but could pull out the biggest sound. Everyone was in a good mood, lots of fun really.

So anyways, Darren (the Dog Knights production guy, you follow ?) saw us play, and after the show he said with a monotone voice and a really unimpressed face “It´s been a very long time I haven´t been that impressed by a show, and I go to shows all the time”. First I thought he was ironic or was talking about another band because of the whole batman-face thing but he was actually dead serious, he then gave me his email and asked if we planned on releasing something – I said yes – he came to see us in brighton again and we hanged out, the rest is (or will be) history. Neat guy, batman.

LINGUA NADA will be playing a couple of live shows with TTNG (THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS) in April:

TTNG tour

TTNG live




‘Snuff’ personnel: Adam Lenox Jr – Vocals & Guitars & Synths / Michel Geyer – Vocals & Guitar & Percussions / Arvid Sobek – Bass & Backing Vocals / Valentin “Valek” Tornow – Drums & Trumpet


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