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Gab De La Vega – “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” video

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“Never Look Back” album distributed by Gab‘s own label Epidemic Records is being doubt one of the most honest and amazing acoustic solo recordings put out this year. Therefore, it is my pleasure to give you his newest music video for the track “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”, which serves a nice follow up to my recent interview with Gab, available at this location.


I choose to be blind
what you can’t see can’t hurt you and that’s no lie
yeah, I know, it’s true
I’m avoiding confrontations and it feels so good

’cause reality is a burden I can’t bear
you want me to face it and understand
but I’m cozy and safe in my sad distracted life
’cause reality is more than I can take

don’t want to see
the pictures that you show me, I know what’s real
my attitude allows me to live through

the sense of guilt I feel everytime I see
the wrongs i participate in and I could change
if it wasn’t for my same old cheap excuse
I’m sorry but it’s more than I can take

don’t get me wrong, you know how they say
out of sight
out of mind
don’t get me wrong, you know how they say
out of sight
out of mind

I prefer this sweet sweet lie
to a bitter truth of that kind
it’s easy to believe
that there’s nothing wrong with the way I live

it is certainly a relief
to live by this belief
it’s just the way it goes
call it a habit or tradition
maybe it’s laziness, but still
it’s not up to me

Get the record via one of the following labels and check out the full stream below.

Annoying Records, Italy –
Backbite Records, Germany –
Goodwill Records, Germany –
I For Us Records, Belgium –
Rise Clan, Portugal –
Saitan DIY Shows, Austria –
Ugly&Proud Records, Bulgaria –
Vegan Records, Argentina –

I For Us Records, Belgium –
Rise Clan, Portugal –
Vegan Records, Argentina –

Entes Anomicos, Germany –
SP Discos, Germany –

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