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PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH – “Ripple Water Shine” video

PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH, who have recently announced their European tour with MILK TEETH,  have just released their new music video for the track “Ripple Water Shine”, the opening song for their stunning record “Keep You”. Watch below and scroll down to listen to the full album.


Sprinting off the dock,
shallow water mud,
ripple water shine,
second day of our stay,
it was, and it’s been a long time,
it was, but now it’s not mine,
I took the boat out on the lake,
and I was okay,
need to get that feeling back,
once in a lifetime,
ripple water shine,
the wind and the paddle drip,
the moving on life,
it was, and it’s been a long time,
it was, but now it’s not mine,
life moving on,
setting my heart,
the sun’s steady pressure saw the ticking stop,
but I was all smiles,
I’m still waiting for that drink at Otto’s,
I’m still always slowly waiting for what follows,
for what I’ve learned about being so defined by someone dying,
and for thinking before I speak,
hoping for something bigger,
but it’s a size I cant teach,
for how things were,
or how they should be,
like a bolt from the blue,
you left me that belief,
ripple water shine,
it’s been a long time,
now it’s not mine,
and it’s all right…

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