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GAMEFACE interviewed by AMP Magazine

AMP Magazine conducted an interview with singer/guitarist Jeff Caudill and drummer Steve Sanderson from the recently reunited GAMEFACE.

It’s been nearly a decade since the guys in the Southern California punk band Gameface walked off the stage for the last time as a band.

Since their founding in 1990, they’d had line up-changes over the years and periods of time off, but that last show in Central Pennsylvania was pretty much the final inning for Gameface, many assumed. Things were said, feelings were bruised and another great punk band was dissolved.

But time passed, people grew up, and at some point the members realized “fuck we wrote some pretty good songs over the years” (I’m taking a little journalistic license here, but assume someone must have uttered that phrase). So they started checking back in with each other, which lead to some jams, which eventually led to a reunion show in early June for the 25th anniversary of their old label Revelation Records.

More shows are planned this summer including a stop at Riot Fest Philly, but no word yet on whether new music is coming soon.

Either way, the reunion show was a good excuse to check in with Gameface singer/ guitarist Jeff Caudill and drummer Steve Sanderson

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GAMEFACE reunion show:

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