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German neo-shoegaze spirits SHUN reveal new single “Centrifuge”; watch new video here!

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“Centrifuge” is the lead single off of SHUN’s debut album ‘Songs from the Centrifuge’. The track and accompanying video capture a sensation derived from somewhere between the exhilarating freedom of space and the unrelenting pull of gravity. Starting off in classic shoegaze fashion with lush, reverb-soaked guitars, the four-piece group from Münster, Germany eventually reveal a rather dissonant side in the song’s heavily distorted chorus.

Centrifuge”’s atmosphere is part eerie and part beautiful, a vacuum that grips the listener tightly. The notion of dwelling inside a centrifuge is somewhat based on personal feelings of bassist/vocalist Martin Deppe: there is no question that one must keep striving, pushing – or being pushed – away from a center, even when your surroundings seem static. Ultimately, the centrifuge is what keeps you in place while there is an undeniable energy around you.

Comments the band: “After 5 years as a band, it’s about time. The record is the result of an exciting and long journey involving many minds and hands. The album contains nine songs, and with “Midnight Blue” you can already stream the first of them now, the album will then be released on 26 November.”

Songs from the Centrifuge is the debut LP from SHUN. The neo shoegaze group from Münster have made a name with their previously released four-song tape Nothing Quite As Heavy, playing shows across Europe with bands such as Slow Crush, Odd Couple and 80s heroes The Psychedelic Furs. The debut album now finally brings us new material from the band, showcasing their evolution into higher spheres.

The album ‘Songs from the Centrifuge’ is out November 26th via This Charming Man Records.

Shun by Adrian Ferdinand
Shun by Adrian Ferdinand

Featuring some heavy, distorted, yet swayingly dreamy shoegaze for fans of Nothing or Slowdive, the lead single “Centrifuge” shows only one of many dimensions that SHUN incorporate in their style. Other songs like “Dreaming in Color” and “Heavy Reverie” see the band leveraging irresistible dream pop and indie rock vibes, while everything is tied together in a somber space-gloom that is probably felt at its harshest in „RPM“. Shoegaze purists will find that Songs from the Centrifuge is much more than just another shoegaze record, with influences from space rock á la Spiritualized and more beat-driven arrangements from the likes of DIIV or The Chameleons.

Production and engineering duties were fulfilled by Pogo McCartney of Messer fame, while the stunning artwork was contributed by Benny Druckwelle (The Tidal Sleep, Spirit Crusher), both of which managed to capture the retrofuturistic essence of Songs from the Centrifuge perfectly.

SHUN sind ein Neo Shoegaze-Quartett aus Münster, die mit Songs from the Centrifuge ihren ersten Longplayer bei This Charming Man Records veröffentlichen. Zwar releaste die Band nach einigen Demos bislang lediglich das Tape Nothing Quite As Heavy mit vier Songs, dieses zog aber bereits über 40 Shows in fünf Ländern nach sich, bei denen die Band die Bühne mit Bands wie Slow Crush, Odd Couple oder den 80s-Helden The Psychedelic Furs teilte. Mit der Debüt-LP kommt nun endlich neues Material, welches die Band in neue Sphären bringt.

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