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GLASVEGAS live at The Adelaide Church in Glasgow

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Here are some of the excerpts from an exclusive and intimate, semiacoustic gig recorded specially for the band’s deluxe edition of GLASVEGAS’ 3rd studio album “Later…When The TV Turns To Static” (2013). That homecoming proved to be the utterly perfect intimate rock show.

Scottish rockers Glasvegas return with their new album ‘Later…When The TV Turns To Static’. Following on from Mercury Prize nominated and platinum selling debut album ‘Glasvegas’ and critically acclaimed second album ‘Euphoric Heartbreak’ that saw the band embark on their biggest headline tour to date, ‘Later…When The TV Turns To Static’ is a natural evolution in sound for the band – a classic Glasvegas blend of emotive lyrics, heartfelt melodies, and big choruses. This latest album is very much a product of Glasgow and Glasvegas. Front man James Allan wrote and produced the album himself at the Gorbals Sound studio in Glasgow and the influence is clear to hear in the music. Whilst debut album allied ‘60s girl groups with feedback and lyrical realism, and the second added magnified synth-rock, the third album sounds more raw and instinctive with an upsurge in Allan’s vocal range.

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