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Recall: APRIL final show (2007) – full set video!

Founded in Zambrow, Poland in 2001, the short lived hardcore punk act APRIL played their final show at Aurora venue in Warsaw, Poland on April 29th 2007! They were one of the few bands that truly made it big with just 12 songs, all combining to create something monumental and very important to thousands

The band released 2 EPS: “Prolog” (2001) and “Kill Depression” (2004), boith re-released as one record in April 2011 via April Kolektyw, No Pasaran Record, No Sancturary Records, Pasażer Records, and Refuse Records.

Joining them on stage at their farewell show were REGRES (Częstochowa), MIHOEN (De Bilt), OREIRO (Zambrów), and JESUS CROST (Rotterdam).
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