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GO DEEP streaming new album in full!

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Brooklyn, NY’s GO DEEP have premiered their soon-to-be-released debut full length, Influence, in full. Due out November 6th via 6131 Records, Influence is a breath of fresh air in heavy music. GO DEEP’s unique focus on vocal cadences and song structures gives the album a surprising amount of hooks without ever sacrificing hardcore aggression.

From tom-driven stompers to lightning fast explosions of vitriol, Go Deep take the genre’s tropes and erode them into something fresh. Metal Hammer praised the album calling it, “a wrecking ball in the form of Modern Life Is War and early Gallows, the record you’re about to receive will leave you in a stunned, quivering mess.”

Pre-orders for Influence are available nowGo Deep is currently on a lengthy cross-country United States tour that includes support from Gouge Away and Fashion Week.

Recorded by Courtney Ballard (All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Madden Brothers), mixed by band member Danny Rico, mastered by Jay Maas (Defeater, Counterparts, Title Fight), and with cover illustration by renowned tattoo artist Matt Kerley, Influence is the sum of many talented parts, a unique release that’s sure to capture the attention of fans of all things heavy.

When trying to describe NYC-based hardcore band, Go Deep, there is one word that comes to mind over and over again: intense. For Go Deep there are no half-measures, there is no compromising, there is no middle ground or mediocrity. There’s nothing but a vision and a will to accomplish it. The band’s upcoming debut full length, Influence, is a testament to that sheer force of will, the intensity that fuels Go Deep to create some of the most inventive and compelling hardcore that will be heard this year.

The ups and downs of Influence’s creation would probably have crumbled lesser bands, but Go Deep, led by the musical partnership of frontman Kris Kneale and drummer Danny Rico, found inspiration in the chaos. The band formed in 2013 when the two friends decided to record a hardcore album in a single night. A creative exercise begun on a whim quickly turned into a calling, with Kneale and Rico assembling a revolving live line-up and pursuing the band much more seriously. The excess of tracks from their initial writing sessions were whittled down and released on the band’s debut EP, Counseling, that same year. The band used their fierce DIY determination to get the word out, touring and even producing several impressively visceral music videos. This work ethic and steadfast vision, along with their unique take on hardcore’s sonic touchstones, set Go Deep apart from the pack and allowed them to build a strong grassroots following.

Always striving for something unique and more than willing to leave their comfort zones, the team of Kneale and Rico booked a cross country tour to Los Angeles, where the band would record their debut full length, and then tour back to the east coast. The experience was as formative for the band as it was harrowing. After arriving in LA, the band lived and breathed the recording of Influence, literally living in the studio until they were kicked out, and spending the remaining weeks of the recording process living out of their van. After completing tracking, Go Deep began the grueling tour home only to have their van stolen in Chicago. Their transportation, gear, belongings, and much of the album they had just recorded were now gone.  Luckily, the van was recovered a week later, but without all of the band’s possessions, including pieces of their album-in-progress. Down but not out, the band soldiered on, completing the end of the tour despite the setbacks and more van troubles along the way.

These challenges were not in vain however, as the band used the experiences to shape the rest of Influence’s recording, and their resolve to see their vision become reality was only strengthened. This tenacity along with their pummeling sound caught the attention of 6131 Records and a partnership was struck to finally unveil Influence to the world. The album’s eleven tracks are a formidable collection of vicious and distinct hardcore, breathing new life into the genre’s tropes. From massive floor-tom-driven stompers to brooding build-ups, each track has a unique identity, drawn together by Kneale’s vitriolic lyrics. Themes of self-empowerment and the value of an outsider existence are aggressively spat out, but so much attention is paid to vocal cadences that every song features surprisingly strong hooks.

Influence is an achievement by nature of its very existence, an unyielding display of Go Deep‘s determination distilled into sonic form. It’s an album that is undeniably hardcore but reshaped into something more; something more distinct, more powerful, and above all, more intense.

Tour Dates:

11/04 Harrisonburg, VA @ Crayola House *
11/06 Greenville, SC @ The Soundbox Tavern *
11/08 Jacksonville, FL @ Rain Dogs #
11/09 Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou’s #
11/12 Pompano Beach, FL @ Solid Sound Studios #
11/13 St. Petersburg, FL @ Lucky you Tattoo #
11/14 Tallahassee, FL @ The Shark Tank #
11/15 Panama City, FL @ A&M Theatre #
11/17 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia Bar
11/18 Austin, TX @ Monkey Wrench Books
11/19 Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
11/20 Abilene, TX @ Primal Skateshop
11/24 Las Vegas, NV @ Sandhill House
11/25 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground
11/27 Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland
11/28 Hayward, CA @ Sky Limit Skateshop
11/30 Fullerton, CA @ Programme HQ

* w/ Fashion Week
# w/ Gouge Away

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