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GOD’S HATE vocalist shares his thoughts on “Mass Murder”

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Mass Murder”, the newest record from Southern California’s metallic hardcore band GOD’S HATE (feat. Colin Young of TWITCHING TONGUES) was released in early February on Closed Casket Activities and it kind of shook the fans of classic hardore/metal hybrids and gained really good reviews around the world. The dark and dense follow up to their 2 7” EPs “Divine Injustice” and “Father Inferior” injects more dramatic temper and brutality into the original metallic hardcore foundation, with punishing and well executed earworm being the result. “Mass Murder” and GOD’S HATE in general is definitely something you will want to check out this year. IDIOTEQ caught up with the band’s vocalist Nate Blauvelt to learn more about their background, the new record, local music scene and a lot more. See the full conversation below.

GOD’S HATE will have their record release show on March 19th in Van Nuys, CA. The band will be touring in Japan in April, alongside TWITCHING TONGUES and PALM, and have been announced on the line-ups of hardcore festivals Sound & Fury Fest, United Blood, and Rainfest.

Hey Nate! Thanks a lot for taking some time with us. Sincere congratulations on the release of your new record “Mass Murder”! How does it feel to have it finally out?

It feels awesome to finally hold a copy. Mass Murder is my first LP and a dream come true. For a second I thought it would never come out, now I couldn’t be happier.

It’s been a couple of years since you guys formed. Let’s discuss this path from the very beginning. What were conditions of GOD’S HATE’s birth?

GOD’S HATE started so Colin and I to be in a band together and create the hardest music we were capable of. There wasn’t really a plan or goal in mind and it’s gone way farther than I think either of us expected it too.

How has your motivation changed over the years?

At first we just wanted to make music and play a few shows. Now we are getting a lot more opportunities as a band and some very cool offers, like going to Japan in April. It’s still very much a side project as most of us have careers or other bands that we need to focus on. As long as it continues to be fun for us, the sky is the limit.

Ok, so back to your new record, what are some of the issues you tackle on “Mass Murder”? Why were you drawn to such content?

Every song on Mass Murder is my personal outlook on life, religion, government and overall injustices I see in this world. I was always the kid that questioned everything, not satisfied with how I saw the world or how most people choose to live their lives.

Can lyrics be a form of conversation? Or is it more like a monologue, especially considering hardcore bands? How do you see it?

I’m sure they can be a form of conversation for a lot of people. I’ve had plenty of people come up to me and ask me why I felt a certain way about a specific topic. At the end of the day it’s my opinion and my beliefs, I high doubt that anything that people could say would change my mind.

GOD's HATE live

How did you team up with Closed Casket for this release?

Justin, who runs Closed Casket, has really been our biggest supporter from day one and we’d honestly be nowhere without his help. He put out the Divine Injustice EP, Father Inferior single and the Mass Murder LP. As long as God’sHate is a band we will be working with Closed Casket in some way.

How did you record the album? Tell us a bit about the process.

We recorded it at The Pit in Van Nuys CA with Taylor Young. The music was all recorded in February of 2015 and because of my busy schedule and professional procrastination, I finally finished vocals in July of 2015.

Can you discuss your relationship with your local music scene? How thriving is the SoCal hardcore scene in 2016 and what bands should we look for in 2016?

I’ve been going to shows since I was 16 years old and going to shows in Los Angeles since I was 17/18. Southern California has always had one of the best hardcore scenes in the country. Very diverse bands, mixed bills and kids with real passion, not a lot really compares. As for newer bands to watch out for, VAMACHARA from Los Angeles, REGULATE from Long Island NY, LOST SOULS from Richmond Virginia. Those 3 bands are gonna be huge all filled with kids that love hardcore that rep their scenes very hard.

You’ll be hosting your record release party on March 19th in California and then hitting the road bigtime in April. Tell us more about your upcoming touring plans and when can we expect to see you live in Europe?

I wouldn’t say big time but it’s more than we are used to. We are playing United blood, Rainfest, and Sound and Fury this year, as well as a Japan tour and another tour in June we can’t announce yet but will be huge for us. I’m really hoping we can make it over to Europe by the end of the year but there’s no real plans yet.

Ok Nate, thank you so much for this interview. Please add your final message and good luck on the road!

Go start a band or write a zine or book a show. Whatever you can do to give back to your scene do it. Hardcore lives!

GOD'S HATE live!

GOD’S HATE on tour:

03/19 Van Nuys, CA @ White Oak Music (Record Release Show) w/ Minus, Disgrace, Mizery, Vamachara
03/25 – 03/26 Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club (United Blood Festival) w/ Burn, Floorpunch, Right Brigade, Foundation, Twitching Tongues, Incendiary
04/20 Tokyo, JP @ Antiknock *
04/21 Nagoya, JP @ Zion *
04/22 Osaka, JP @ Socore Factory *
04/23 Mie Yokkaichi, JP @ Club Chaos *
04/24 Tokyo, JP @ Garret *
05/27 – 05/29 Seattle, WA @ Neumos (Rainfest) w/ 108, Blacklisted, Burn, Terror, Trapped Under Ice
06/10 – 06/11 Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theater (Sound & Fury Fest) w/ Twitching Tongues, Nails, Angel Du$t, Full of Hell

* w/ Twitching Tongues, Palm

GOD’S HATE Bandcamp
[email protected]

GODS HATE record release

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