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Godzilla Destroys Fascism, Mothra Always Pays Her Taxes – MONSTERS ATTACK strikes back!

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Ok, this might be the weirdest title for a post ever, but you gotta get accustomed to one of the weirdest tracks concept a punk band could come up with. MONSTERS ATTACK, an experimental, sludgy, blackened chaotic hardcore trio from London must have had some fun writing this massive, progressive 20-minute long 2-tracker, but not everything about it is fun. Their impressionistic and politically charged debut offering is an exhilarating release that doesn’t let up, and we’re thrilled to present it with a proper commentary from the band. Check it out, give ’em a like, and tell your friends, cause this behemoth blurs boundaries.


Godzilla Destroys Fascism

Mathieu (vocals): I wrote the lyrics knowing this was going to be first song that people would listen to and discover the band through. What frustrates me a lot in many bands is the lack of communication on issues that have a real world impact. Its especially true for Hardcore bands who should be, in my opinion, more vocal about speaking out against oppression. So, for this song, I just wanted to write a declaration of intent that this band would not beat around the bush, that we would be quite in your face about being against fascism and oppression. We are three French people living in a country who is on the verge of being governed by a Trump wannabe so it makes only perfect sense to speak out against the rise of the Far Right. Also, I wanted the lyrics to be the kind of thing I would be happy to sing along at shows. Very easy to remember and empowering. To be honest, I can’t write blunt punk lyrics for the life of me but i hope people who read the lyrics will get the general idea.

Philippe (guitar):The idea of writing two 10 minutes tracks was that we wanted to combine something progressive and intense. Usually tracks that long are more common in the post rock genre than in hardcore (one of us has played in the post rock band lost in Kiev…) it was very challenging to try to make it sound like it wasn’t riffs out together we wanted to tell a story… two story of two monsters.

Mothra Always Pays Her Taxes

Mathieu (vocals): When we were writing this song with Philippe I was reading a book on the Panama Papers and how money laundering schemes could help funnel blood money to fund wars and protect the rich to be richer. As we had just written a song with lyrics about destroy fascism, I thought that tackling a more specific issue would be interesting. Ultimately the lyrics I wrote were more about the impact of austerity and how the politicians who enforce such budgetary choices systematically use scapegoats to disguise their cuts to public social services and to taxes for the riches.


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