GOLDUST / DEATHRITE release a new 7”

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GOLDUST and DEATHRITE teamed up to bring you the finest tunes compiled on a beautiful 7”. Order your copy here or here.

Cobra Records commented:

If there are still inviolated, hidden paths between raw hardcore and metal in its most damaged moments, GOLDUST is the privileged band to explore them. Raging like an elemental force, their 2 songs on this split leave the listener shattered and helpless, yet deeply moved by the blank honesty of the lyrical content. Think of bands like GEHENNA, CURSED or EYEHATEGOD. GOLDUST share this split with DEATHRITE – without a doubt one of the most promising bands today. They continue to push the envelope of extreme metal, infusing influences of hardcore, punk and d-beat. Their ripping hybrid in the vein of TRAP THEM or NAILS perfectly embodies the anger and rage of a generation that was born into a fucked up world like this.


GOLDUST – “L(i)ars”:

GOLDUST – “The Clawed One”:

GOLDUST – “Worldgaeze”:

DEATHRITE – “Sirens”:

DEATHRITE – “Vultures/Wolves”:

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