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Goregrinders SAPROGENOUS make nods to horror movies with new single “Chainsawed Fingers and Bones”

Saprogenous by Karl Dahmer
Wichita, Kansas based, horror obsessed, knuckle dragging Death Metal/Goregrind squad SAPROGENOUS are joining us today for a blody taste of their new full length “Festering In Putrid Spoilage”, coming out on August 24th via Shattered Dreams Productions. Inspired by their love of horror movies and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, “Chainsawed Fingers and Bones” comes as an unbearable amalgam of noise and brutality. Listen below and stay tuned for cassette tape release later this year through Absolute Power Records.

Festering In Putrid Spoilage” consists of titles and lyrics inspired by various horror movies like TCM, Street Trash and many others, as well as a Last Days of Humanity cover song.

“We all take influences some from older Death Metal and Grindcore when it comes to the heavier side of things.” – comments the band, fronted by vocalist Chevy Easter, who says that he joined on vocals at the beginning of 2021 to record vocals for the album and begin writing new tunes once the band got that wrapped up. “AJ the drummer, Ted the guitarist and Walker the bassist have been jamming since 2019.” – he adds. “The band started as an online project between Walker and Ted in 2018. We want to play new areas and tour next year when it’s safe to do so and cleared up.”

Recorded, Engineered and Produced by Saprogenous / Mixed and mastered by Jim Kahmann / Cover art by Jackie Westcott / Logo by Karl Dahmer

“Our local music scene where we are in Kansas doesn’t have any other bands in our genre.” – admits Chevy. “We have another Death Metal band here called Suffocate the Skies that plays more melodic Death Metal and we’re actually playing a show with them September 4th with Atoll from Arizona and Bloodspawn from St. Louis. Terran Severance from our area is playing as well.” They’re more original sounding metal with heavy influences but a lot of, I guess you could say adventurous aspects to them and possibly even some progressive or experimental tinge to it as well. Very unique.”

Saprogenous cover

Other bands to check out, according to SAPROGENOUS are: “Frozen Soul from Texas if you already haven’t by now. Rig Time! from Wisconsin. Moiscus from Wisconsin as well. Gross Load from Ohio. Bloodspawn, Atoll, Deterioration from Minnesota. Great friends of ours and they run the label this album is coming out on. They’ve helped us a ton. Rimjob from the KC area. Their vocalist, Karl Dahmer, did our logo and does a lot of killer artwork for many metal bands across the board.”

“We all really appreciate anyone who takes time out of the day to check us out, listen to this song, buy our album and/or merch.” – they conclude. ” Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram if you want us to play your area or come to Kansas and play with your project. Tons of things are coming up and we can’t wait to share them. Many, many thanks to Shattered Dreams Productions / Deterioriation for making this album possible. Many thanks as well to Jackie Westcott for this amazing album art as well as Jim Kahmann for mixing and mastering this beast.”

“Lift heavy weights, watch horror movies and don’t be a cookie cutter.”

Saprogenous is: David Walker-Bass, Ted Batt-Guitar, AJ Bergstrom-Drums, Chevy Easter-Vocals

Goregrinders SAPROGENOUS make nods to horror movies with new single “Chainsawed Fingers and Bones”
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