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Greek hardcore heavyweights BELOW THE BOTTOM premiere new EP!

BELOW THE BOTTOM by George Kamelakis
BELOW THE BOTTOM by George Kamelakis
10 years after their inception and 3,5 years since the last proper release “Justice Served”, Greek beatdown / metallic hardcore act BELOW THE BOTTOM are back with their new, self-recorded and self-produced EP “Demagogy”! We’re pleased to give you its first listen, along with the full track by track commentary below!

“Demagogy” cements the band’s presence in the modern Greek and European heavy hardcore landscape and it demands a proper adrenaline-fuelled mayhem in the pit. For that, you’ll get a good chance in January, when the band will promote this release on a special record release show, to be announced soon. For more details, visit Breathing The Core and check out their recent quick Q&A session.

Artwork by Putrefurnaced Guerilla Graphics. / BELOW THE BOTTOM is: Michael Zervakis: Guitars, Tasos Stamatakis: Guitars, Aris Terzakis: Bass, Stefanos Petras: Drums, Thanos Ploumakis: Vocals

[Only Death Remains]

Music-wise we just had a classic bruiser hardcore riff and everything evolved around it. Midtempo, heavy, simple and effective! -Mike

Only Death Remains speaks of the sickness inherent to the human condition, more specifically delusions of grandeur taken to extremes. -Thanos

[Destroy Enslave Consume]

The title is obviously a reference to one of our favorite bands, Meshuggah! I wanted to touch on the postmodern consumerism, the constant need to consume which leads to feelings of entrapment and dissatisfaction, as well as how that affects our psyche. -Thanos

Funny thing, we wrote this song to be a rapcore style tune, however a collaboration never happend so Thanos took the chance to deliver angry as f*ck vocals and that suits the purpose great as well. Samples also help to deliver the message. -Mike

BELOW THE BOTTOM by Knat Kallinteri

BELOW THE BOTTOM by Knat Kallinteri

[The Greatest Demagogue]

The media are tuned to control and direct human attention towards insignificant news, while sweeping things of importance under the rug. -Thanos

The song is among the fastest of the EP. There are thrash influences as well but in our own sound and style(it’s a joy to play on guitar). It starts loose and punky and becomes defined and super tight. Gang vocals enhance the latter part. -Mike

[Soul Whisperer]

This song is about loss, loss of self, loss of loved ones, the feeling of helplessness that can overwhelm us in situations like this and how, finally, the process of emerging whole from the ordeal can make a person stronger and empower others through the story of doing so. -Thanos

Thrasy “Cataract-style” riffs connect with heavy breakdowns. It is our classic approach to songwrithing. -Mike



[Cage of Fear]

It reminds me of new wave american metal style. Lots of riffs, 2 solos, and a punk skate feel. Super fun to play! -Mike

Cage of Fear speaks of the constant power struggle of political leaders as well as the use of propaganda to manipulate and control people -Thanos

[State Of Decay]

I wanted this to be serve as a lyrical reminder that life is a fatal disease, a constant march towards death. With finite amount of time, do we ever stop to ask ourselves “is what I’m doing worth it?” -Thanos

A simple hardcore bruiser music-wise. I can imagine this being a soundtrack to a UFC fight, however the lyrical message is deeper than that. -Mike

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