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Greg Bennick (TRIAL) interviewed by PunkNews

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Punknews sent Greg Bennick (TRIAL / BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY) a few questions by e-mail and some amazing answers came back. Check it out.


First off…thanks for the interview. I am always honored when people are willing to take/waste seconds out of their life to ask questions of me. Outside of Trial, I am busy writing lyrics for the Between Earth & Sky LP that will be recorded in Canada in early 2013. Our EP on Refuse Records in Europe has done really well and I am excited to get into the studio and record some new music.

I also have been speaking a lot recently too. This summer, I did one tour themed to the Trial song “Unrestrained,” which asks us to take our passion outside of the shows and music venues and into the world that needs it most. The second tour was about the Trial song “Reflections,” which identifies that we each have limited time alive in the world and explores how we yearn for more life, more experience, more love/lust/passion/hope, yet are ultimately on our way to death all the while. It is the inevitability: the human condition of being blessed and cursed all at once with life and the ability to reason. We love life, we can imagine death, and that conflict kills our hearts. What we do in the midst of that tangle is the real question as we navigate wanting more life and knowing all along that it all ends in tears. Aside from navigating that conundrum, I also have been working hard on One Hundred For Haiti which is the non-profit organization I founded to do development work in Haiti. The 100FH team has a lot going on, focusing on job creation and sustainable programs for people rather than just relief efforts. Relief efforts were perfect for the time after the quake. Now we are focusing on empowering and enabling people to build better lives for themselves rather than to rely on handouts. Its going really well, but we are always looking for donations and support: people can donate even $1 or $5 a month on a recurring basis and all that support will be used for great projects. Other than all of those projects, I eat food often, sleep rarely, and text constantly.

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