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CONVERGE interviewed by Steel Of Brains

kurt ballou

Steel Of Brans magazine sat down with Kurt Ballou from CONVERGE to ask some questions about the new CONVERGE album, his own personal dedication as a songwriter, and a lot more. Check it out below.

The great thing about Kurt Ballou is that he doesn’t realize he’s Kurt Ballou. For someone who’s worked behind the scenes of his Godcity Studios with such powerhouse bands as Isis, High on Fire, Coliseum, Torche, and Black Breath as well as being the guitarist for Converge, you’d think the guy might be fully aware of his clout. But he’s not. You’ll be hard pressed to meet a more humble and insightful person and, what’s more, someone with a passion for perfection in everything he does. The latest Converge release, All We Love We Leave Behind, is their finest work to date, in my opinion. It’s easy to say when a band you respect and admire releases anything new, but the reasoning here is far from some misguided nostalgia from a band I’ve been listening to for ages now. During the course of my recent conversation with Kurt, it became clear to me that the positivity of Converge’s music as well as his own personal dedication to a succinct aesthetic as a songwriter, have evolved both Kurt and the band into something most bands dream of – a refusal to plateau.

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