Grinding hardcore trio GVILLOTINE storm the local rooftop in Bremen to perform a hellish new single “Condemned”

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Bremen, Germany based GVILLOTINE have just dropped their first music video for their debut single “Condemned”, a hard-hitting, abrasive and harsh display of their grindcore and death metal influenced metallic hardcore. The bass-less trio takes delight in various effects, looper pedals, channel their evilish sounds through 3 amplifiers that entail high risk of breaking your neck while headbanging. We have teamed up with the band’s guitarist Hanno for a short Q&A session regarding the video, the band, and some more.

Recorded by ourselves and mixed and mastered by Sunsetter Recording Studio. Video filmed, cut and edited by Grandmad Eath. GVILLOTINE is: Jonas – Vocals, Hanno – Guitar, Arne – Drums – members of grindcore band Unrest, black metal legion No Sun Rises and hardcore band Last Leaf.

Hey guys, thanks for dropping by! Congrats on the new video. What roof was this recorded on?

We wanted to have a nice atmosphere. the roof is in our Hometown Bremen in a part called “das viertel”. It´s a alternative part of the City and very punkrockish.

Were there any complaints about the noise?

No, there where no complaints from any neighbours about the noise (laughing). We all live & work here. We asked our good friend Anastasia Zeller (who also made the video) for the contact to make this happen.

What’s the story behind this gnarly, scary cover art for the single?

Gvillotine grind hardcore

The Story behind our artwork is a good question. This picture is taken from Wilfred Sätty. He was an artsy Illustrator also from Bremen, who was best known for his black and white collage art stuff.

We choosed this because he´s from here and we all like his stuff very much.

Our drummer Arne did the GVILLOTINE Logo by himself. We like to be creative.

Will there be more new tracks coming up sometime soon?

Yeah, there will be some stuff ! We work with Fabian from Sunsetter Studios togehter. We´re all friends and we support each other. He helps us a lot with recording the songs by ourselves in our rehearsal room. Recording is a lot easier and faster when you don´t need a bass player :D

Gvillotine band

How about live shows? What’s your take on the current pandemic crisis and its impact on touring and DIY bands operations?

We started this hole thing during the quaratine in hope it will be over soon. some guys asked us for playin shows in further time but i guess we´ll have to wait and smoke some more weed instead of that. We use the time to write some cool songs (hopefully) haha .

Lastly, give us your best records of the year so far.

The Fall of TroyMukilearth

Russian CirclesAudiotree ‘Far out’ Session

… but there´s a ton of music I am listening to at the moment and I could write an endless list :)

Condemned lyrics:

day by day ongoing delay
durt oneself without realizing the pain
victims of ourselves in a tragic kind
we’re dying slowly rotting inside

die, die, die everyday
self-hate torture decay

10-ton weight depressed soul
every day struggle losing control
life in chains heart breaks away
grey walls grey sky a toxic way

die, die, die everyday
self-hate torture decay

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