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“Hand to Mouth” – STRESS POSITIONS share new ferocious single

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There’s an undeniable pull to the roots of crust and anarchist punk, a vibe that’s timeless in its raw appeal. Bands like Nausea and Extreme Noise Terror channeled the anger and confusion of their times into something fierce, something that resonates even today in a world that’s just as muddled and furious. Every now and then, a new act blasts onto the scene to shake things up, proving that the spirit of punk is not just alive, but kicking hard. Enter Stress Positions, hailing from Chicago, cranking out tunes that hit like a freight train.

Their latest jam, “Hand to Mouth,” off the soon-to-drop LP “Harsh Reality,” is no exception. Dropping on December 8th, this track is a gnarly mix of hardcore punk with a twist of jazz and psychedelia, all wrapped up in a message about the grind of living paycheck to paycheck.

The crew behind this racket? Jonathan Giralt on drums, Benyamin Rudolph shredding guitar, Russell Harrison on bass, and the enigmatic Stephanie Brooks belting out vocals. This gang, rising from the ashes of C.H.E.W., formed in the thick of 2020’s chaos, crafting a sound that’s like a gut-punch to the norm of American hardcore punk.

A hardcore rager about income inequality and being worked to death with a jazzy and psychedelic coda.

Brooks, the voice of the outfit, rips through tracks with a ferocity that’s both raw and refined. She’s not just screaming into the void; there’s a method to the madness, an unexpected softness sometimes peeking through the relentless onslaught. It’s a wild ride, with Giralt’s drums laying down an unshakable foundation, Rudolph’s guitar work cutting through like a buzzsaw, and Harrison’s bass lines holding the fort.


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“Hear me out,” the critics say. They’re digging what Stress Positions is throwing down.

The band’s not just making noise; they’re crafting something with brains and brawn. “Harsh Reality” promises a non-stop barrage of sound that mirrors the intensity of the world outside your window. It’s not just about cranking the volume; it’s about cranking up the heat on issues that are choking us out, from the death grip of capitalism to the daily battles on the streets of Chicago.

Their upcoming LP on Three One G Records is shaping up to be a no-holds-barred reflection of these messed-up times.

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