Hard rock and heavy metal musicians mourn Adam Yauch of the BEASTIE BOYS

1 min read reports that many hard rock and heavy metal musicians have commented on the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch, a founding member of the legendary rap group the BEASTIE BOYS, who died last Friday after a nearly three-year battle with cancer.

Slash (VELVET REVOLVERGUNS N’ ROSES): “Sad day. MCA was fucking awesome. RIP man. We’ll miss you very much.”

ANTHRAX: “RIP MCA. Cancer, you’re an asshole.”

Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH): “Rest In Peace Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch of the Beastie Boys. My condolences to his family and friends.”

LINKIN PARK: “We’re sad to learn about the death of MCA. Our condolences to the Beastie Boys and Adam’s family.”

Fred Durst (LIMP BIZKIT): “A very sad day indeed. Adam Yauch RIP.”

David Draiman (DISTURBED): “Listened to the Beastie Boys since I was a kid. RIP Adam (MCA) Yauch. You will be missed.”

Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD): “Beastie Boys broke a lot of rules and broke a lot of ground. Bummed I never saw ’em. MCA has gone on to his final egg raid on mojo. Peace bro!”

Freddy Cricien (MADBALL): “RIP to a hip hop legend and my favorite beastie boy…. MCA”

SPINESHANK: “RIP MCA!!!!! Thanx for the awesome music!”

BONDED BY BLOOD: “R.I.P. MCA! Our set tonight (in Dallas) goes out too you!”

Brian Fair (SHADOWS FALL): “RIP MCA of the Beastie Boys. My favorite show ever was seeing them at a small club in Boston on ‘Check Your Head’ tour. Thanks for the music.”

Justin Broadrick (GODFLESHJESU): “Very sad to hear of the passing of Adam Yauch / MCA.”

SICK OF IT ALL: “Our hearts go out to MCA’s family and friends in their time of loss. We had the pleasure of doing a small tour with the Beastie Boys under their hardcore name Quazar. They were the most down-to-earth and fun guys. Thanks for all the great times and music and all your humanitarian work you’ve done. Rest in peace, brother. A sad day indeed.”

LIVING COLOUR: “Cause You Can’t, You Won’t And You Don’t Stop, MCA Come And Rock The Sure Shot – RIP Adam Yauch!”

STYX: “Another great one has passed. RIP MCA. Truly one of the best at what he did.” 

Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMANJOURNEYYNGWIE MALMSTEEN): “RIP MCA…you showed us how to ‘fight for the right’, long live the Beasties!”

Perry Farrell (JANE’S ADDICTION): “Adam Yauch has passed. As sobering news as you’ll ever recieve. This part of life (death) is resolute — causes one to consider their own life, and the way they’re living it. Today is a grey day. It feels as if their is no escape… Adam was a guy who brought happiness and energy to so many. That is why the news of his passing is so stifling. Bon voyage, Adam.” 


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