Hardcore band BRICK BY BRICK interviewed!

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Eulogy Recording signees BRICK BY BRICK have just released “This World, My Enemy”, their new album with their new vocalist Ray Mazzola (also of FULL BLOWN CHAOS), and it is my leasure to give you my short  interview with some of the band’s thoughts on this furious, savage metal/hardcore offering. Expect some heavy riffs, working class mentality, anti-trendy attitude, rage and loads of angst.

See the full interview below. Answers by the band’s guitarist Michael Valente.

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your time! What’s up? How do these last weeks before the premiere of “This World, My Enemy” work for you? What are your plans to promote this outing?

Well, for starters, we have been pushing our cd release party which is also on 11/13 at Trickshot in Clifton Park NY with SWORN ENEMY. This show will be a blockbuster! We have been doing a few shows regionally to help get the word out. Mainly, using an old school hand to hand flyer campaign as well as social media. MerchNow is also playing a role as far as manning the reigns for our pre order bundles.


What inspired you to write this record and what was the process like teaming up with Eulogy?

Inspiration has come from real life instances. We are a blue collar, working class style of band. We get the shit end of the stick more than often and this album helped relieve some of that angst. We teamed up with Eulogy this summer after our manager became ill with cancer. Eulogy was on the plate to shop our product to and it was in the middle of his illness that I took over contacting the labels. I would like to say that we wish Frank Watkins’ family all the best. He was a great friend and manager. He believed in us and I will miss the late night face time sessions.

Did it all come out as you wished it would?

It did. Which is rare for us… I said, we get the shit end all the time and seem to have a black cloud that followed us. We kept on forging ahead and the storm finally broke.

“This World, My Enemy” catches the eye with a contentious front cover. Could you make a summary of the main themes on the record? Did you set out to write a record with a strong message or did it just evolve that way?

The cover art was done by the EXTREMELY talented Craig Holloway. The artwork depicts a man that has obviously expired. He is laying in an alley dead. His insides are being picked apart by vermin. However, instead of organs and usual gore, he is filled with money (the root of all evil). All the rats and birds and usual scum (which represent government) are scattering to take all the money out of the corpse. Basically, the working class get picked apart and will forever struggle to survive. When Ray started writing lyrics, the idea came to mind.


With your work with BRICK BY BRICK and with this project in particular, what kind of impact would you like to have on a personal level and in general? How would you like for everyone to be able to experience and remember “This World, My Enemy”?

On a personal level, I want people to see that we can be a contender with bigger level bands. On an overall level, I want to have fun with my friends in this band and laugh a lot. We have all lost money, family, friends, and jobs, but memories are until you die. The main message of this album is to have people open their eyes and stand up and fight. It’s ok to get angry!

As heavy music artists, what inspires you the most, what keeps you going?

The aggressiveness of the music helps me focus on music and not retaliate to bad outcomes to problems.

You have booked a couple of gigs for this November. Are there plans for more shows in the nearest future?

Absolutely. We all have day jobs, so, getting time off of work can be an issue, but, we plan on doing a lot more than usual. We are planning a California run as we speak as well as talking to European contacts.

BRICK BY BRICK Fall/Winter shows 2015:

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Ok guys, what else? Any more exciting plans or new local projects that you can share with us before we sign off?

On this cd, we paid tribute to a couple of bands by covering their songs. We did a STRAIGHTJACKET song (with Greg Kennedy singing), a CUT THROAT song (with Ryan Murphy singing), a DEEP PURPLE song and a PENNYWISE song. All for fun. Look us up if you want us to come to your town and party!

Haha, thanks so much for your time! Cheers and all the best for the upcoming new album celebration!

Thank You!



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