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Hardcore powerhouse SECRET SOCIETY is back! New EP streaming!

Oh oh oh, here’s a nice after-Christmas present for all of you fans of straight up, no bullshit hardcore. International hardcore pack SECRET SOCIETY has recently relocated to Baltimore / DC area, and they have just unveiled their new EP called “Mercy No Longer Lives Here”, available on Spotify and YouTube below.

Current lineup of SECRET SOCIETY features singer Jr Glass from Baltimore’s Next Step Up, guitar player Mehdy Rad from Boston’s Diecast, and Dobro of Last Hope, Comin Correct, Drugs Destroy Dreams, and Dog Eat Dog second singer John Connor!


Full credits: Jr Glass – vox, Mehdy Rad & Don D – guitars, Juston Reynolds – bass, Kyle Davis – drums, John Connor – vox, Georgi Dimitrov – vox, Christian Beckman – vox, Mike Schleibaum – recording & wisdom, Michael William Hatalak – mix & master, PAvel PavlOv – recording, Martin Molhov – additional lyrics on Eat You Alive

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