THE MILD BY Maria Chiara Carrer
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Italian blackened grind hardcore metallers THE MILD premiere new LP; offer track by track commentary

THE MILD BY Maria Chiara Carrer
Italian blackened grind hardcore/metal act THE MILD (featured on IDIOTEQ last year) have just unveiled the stream of their new LP “Old Man”, and we’re super pleased to complete the original premiere on with a special track by track commentary that will hopefully get you pumped and ready for the full listen of this beast.

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Mal DeTesta Recording Studio in Padua (IT) on August 2019, “Old Man” comes out officially on January 10th, 2020 via Assurd Records (IT), Hecatombe Records (E), Zas Autoproduzioni Records (IT), and Youth Of Today Records (IT).

“Old Man” comes as a concept EP that tells the story of a symbolic man, from birth to death, and then adds some post-death reflections. During the side A of the record, the man was born and he grows, taking advices and duties. The title of the first song, “The Cereation is Beyond Saving” serves as introduction to something (or someone) that it has been created it arises, and it has no way out.

The following songs, “Dictates From The Cradle” and “Light Beam” gather many advices and duties in the lyrics, which could be addressed to a child or a young man. It seems the band tried to represent that period of life when adults impose good and right obligations to young people, but also negative and bad ones.


“Confusion Reigns” opens the side B of the records. The title introduces a chaos which it could be both mental and physical. That man realises that something is wrong. It could be something in him, his thoughts and reflections, and it could be something in the world close to him, in the society. The man perceives a break, but he does not understand what is really going on, confusion reigns.

All this confusion is made clear during the following song, “Horrible Visual”. All bad things in the world are now well known, and there is nothing but negativity in the mind of the “Old Man”.

“Gazing at My Lifeless Body” ends the records, like a circle of life. The “Old Man” is now well aware of what surrounds him and why he felt so much pain during his lyfe. The aim of the song is to give this man the chance to speak in the end. The last sentences say “I came to realise I have already passed away. I saw nothing in front of me. I did not survive.”, this is a clear message which represents the final words of the man. He saw his time running out with so much speed and negativity that it has not left him something good and positive, as originally recommended throughout his yout. He only realise it during the moment of his death and he now looks back at the past.

THE MILD is: Andrea Alfier – Bass Guitar; Riccardo D’agostin – Drums; Vanny Piccoli – Guitars/Vocals

Italian blackened grind hardcore metallers THE MILD premiere new LP; offer track by track commentary
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